Beer Matters…

So if I were a betting person, I’d take a stab at the title of this blog having caught your attention! I mean think about it: hot summer day, cold brew (beer, not coffee) and isn’t that a pairing to beat all pairings? Well, maybe not beating out chocolate and peanut butter as a pairing. Oh, and wine and cheese. Oops, forgot about milk and cookies. Never mind – back to beer!

Beer Matters course at UWW_logo

“Beer Matters” is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered by UW-Whitewater (with a shout out to my alma mater for doing something so awesome!). You’ll learn about the history of beer from ancient times and across the globe, to Prohibition (what were they thinking?!), Super Bowl ads (Clydesdales and Dalmatian puppies, anyone?) and more. Now don’t go thinking that you didn’t really care for school and learning, even though this is about beer, and decide it’s not for you until I tell you about the meet-ups at local breweries that are part of the course! Yep, class at a brewery. Wonder if the outcome of my 5 credit Calculus and Analytic Geometry course might have been different if it had been at a brewery, or even a coffee shop, for some of the class times? Probably not… hahaha

So a MOOC is what? Massive Open Online Course – translates to an online learning experience that shoots for unlimited participation (beats signing up for something you really want to do and finding out it’s filled, so love this!), doesn’t require any previous college-level or online learning experience, is open to adults 21 years old and older, and isn’t offered for credit. For “Beet Matters” specifically, this MOOC is made up of six areas of content, including video lectures, reading materials, primary documents, and images. You can move through it at your own pace, interacting with other classmates in online discussion boards. The sections are then complemented with bi-weekly meet-ups at local area breweries, led by the instructor. The meet-ups are optional, but are meant to further develop interaction and create a sense of community among the course participants. Think of it as hanging out with your friends at the pub!

Wondering about the instructor, ‘coz who doesn’t wanna know something about their teacher ahead of the first day of class? Ken Brown, Assistant Professor of History at UW-Whitewater, has been teaching a very popular undergrad course on the history of beer and brewing for a few years and is excited to how the course works with the MOOC format of online content and discussion boards, paired with the bi-weekly meet-ups at local area breweries. Before going to graduate school for his PhD, Brown worked in brewpubs in Japan and Greece, so “Beer Matters” gives him the opportunity to combine his formal training as a historian with his past experience as a professional brewer. His goal for this course is to have everyone come away with a broad understanding of beer in history – from prehistoric times to Prohibition, and from colonial times to modern-day corporate mergers – and the basic knowledge necessary to brew beer, wine, mead or any other fermented beverage. Now that’s something I’d use in real life, unlike Calculus and Analytic Geometry!

“Beer Matters” begins on September 6, with participation in the online course being free and the meet-ups having a minimal fee. Again, meet-ups are optional, but come on – like I said earlier, class in a brewery?! I would so be there! No beer or alcoholic beverages are included in the meet-up fee, but you are able to purchase beer on your own (drink responsibly!). Here’s the meet-up schedule:

Beer Matters course at UWW_MobCraft logo aSaturday, September 16 – Old World Wisconsin, Eagle WI: Watch brewers from the Museum of Beer and Brewing use equipment and techniques from the 1800’s to brew beer using heirloom hops grown at Old World Wisconsin. Purchase craft beer from MobCraft on-site.


Beer Matters course at UWW_Bent Kettle logo


Saturday, October 7 – Bent Kettle, Fort Atkinson WI: Visit Bent Kettle Brewing, one of the area’s newest breweries, serving craft brews like Insolence Double IPA and Thwack!, an American smoked IPA.



Beer Matters course at UWW_Second Salem logo a

Saturday, October 21 – Second Salem, Whitewater WI: The last meet-up comes home to Whitewater, to learn about the strange events, figures and architecture that provide rich stories that translate into extraordinary beer.



Black Point Estate and its Director, David Desimone, assisted Ken Brown with the historical research component of the course, helping with the content and background information, so a shout out to Desimone and Black Point Estate, along with Old World Wisconsin, MobCraft, Bent Kettle, and Second Salem, for partnering with UW-Whitewater on this fun and fascinating MOOC course.

I’d say hurry up and register now so as not to lose out, but again, the beauty of being a MOOC is there is no class size limit to worry about! To register for “Beer Matters”, go to Beer Matters registration

Bottoms up!

Beer Matters course at UWW_beer can a

Eat Your Way Through Walworth County!

Restaurant_what's new

Are you hungry?! You will be before you’re even done reading this…! Let’s work our way through Walworth County and find out what’s new at some of the area’s restaurants.



Waterfront at Abbey Resort_outdoor seating

Outdoor Patio at The Waterfront, located at The Abbey Resort

The Waterfront at The Abbey Resort not only has a new look, but a new menu. They’ve kept many of the crowd favorites, but added a few healthy and unique items, such as the Black Pepper Parmesan Chicken Sandwich and the Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burger. The Wild Mushroom & BBQ Burger is a popular addition, as well as the French Doughnuts dessert. Add a craft beer like the Geneva Lake No Wake IPA or a “fire on the water” drink like the Waterfront Sangria, throw in some live music, a view of the lake and you’ve got a combination that can’t be beat! Besides working your way through the menu, Sundays throughout the summer should be spent “Burnin’ Down the Docks” enjoying live music, cold beer and mouthwatering house-smoked BBQ from The Abbey’s award winning BBQ Pit Masters. Think slow-smoked in a traditional southern outdoor smoker, with hand applied spice rubs, and a signature BBQ sauce to finish things off. Are you right there with the aroma and flavors already feeding your senses? How about some seasonal specials on top of everything else to bring you to the Waterfront? Half price apps and $5 beer flights on Mondays; Taco Tuesday with $5 margaritas; $3 draft beers on Wednesday and Thursday; or go with the Wisconsin Beer Experience on Thursday, which is three courses paired beautifully with three beers. Hmmmm… Now go get there to feed your stomach and not just your senses!

Learn more about The Waterfront here


Red Geranium_wine cellar look down
The Red Geranium – with a view DOWN in to the wine cellar

The Red Geranium’s lunch menu offers a couple of new salads, a few new sandwiches and entrees. The Peach and Berry Salad, described as Boston bib lettuce, peaches, assorted berries, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, fresh basil with honey lime & Riesling vinaigrette, definitely caught my eye for something light at lunch. If you want a twist on a BLT then oh my goodness, the Red Geranium Lobster BLT – yes, you read that correctly, Lobster BLT – is the way to do it! Chef’s lobster sensation, apple wood bacon, lettuce, tomato, bacon aioli on a butter croissant, and I’ll probably never eat another “regular” BLT again. Feeling a little more hungry for lunch? Then try the Chicken Angelina, which is a boneless breast of chicken marinated with garlic, thyme, rosemary, lemon, oregano and cracked pepper, grilled on the open hearth and finished under the broiler with ‘bruschetta’ style tomatoes and Asiago cheese. The Red Geranium’s dinner menu added a couple of new chicken dishes that are a must to try, such as Chicken Felix, which is served with grilled shrimp, broccoli spears and a béarnaise sauce. I, being the seafood loving girl that I am, can’t help but notice the Lobster & Shrimp Mac ‘n Cheese – what a combination of seafood and comfort food that I certainly can’t resist.

Learn more about The Red Geranium here


Evergreen Fish Fry
Evergreen Country Club and AYCE Friday Fish Fry

Evergreen Country Club’s Friday Night Menu has an added delicious item with their beer battered shrimp. This only makes the decision that much harder as to choosing between their famous AYCE Friday Fish Fry, one of their other fabulous dinner entrees or a good ol’ burger! Maybe if I borrowed a golf cart so I could roll on out of there it would be okay to do both the Fish Fry and the beer battered shrimp! Or the Fish Fry and the 8 oz. filet? Or the 8 oz. filet and the beer battered shrimp? Or a double 1/3# each certified Angus beef cheeseburger with a baked potato? See the problem here?! Oh my and then they have corn fritters with the AYCE Fish Fry! Good thing they have live music on the patio every Friday night ‘coz after eating as much as it sounds like I’m gonna be doing, I’ll need to hang out for a while!


Learn more about Evergreen Country Club here


Lake Lawn Resort_Chef Ross
Executive Chef Ross at Lake Lawn Resort

The Frontier Restaurant at Lake Lawn Resort has a new summer dinner menu that features a sophisticated culinary twist on some familiar comfort foods. Start off with the Rustic Artichoke, Olive & Goat Cheese Bruschetta or the Jalapeno Maple Glazed Shrimp for an appetizer. Follow that up with the Wild Mushroom Wisconsin Cheese Soup and then pick any one of about a dozen entrees to choose from, trying desperately to save room for dessert. And good luck with that, as when you have entrée choices like Sweet Chile Glazed Salmon, Bourbon BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Pasta Primavera with Grilled Chicken, and Filet Mignon, to name only a few, dessert isn’t even a rationale thought (but I’d still do it!) If you want to make eating your way through this menu a little bit easier, then the Frontier Restaurant has a way for you to dine like a VIP! Their VIP Dining Card entitles you to ten (10) “2 for 1” menu entrees or buffets, as well as first choice invitations for select special events. The VIP Dining Card cannot be used on holidays or for special events, but there are so many more other days in a year, that it’s not an issue! This will make deciding what to have so much easier when you know you’re coming back again and again.

Learn more about The Frontier Restaurant here


So how about working your way through the restaurant choices at the Grand Geneva Resort? Better get a room booked for the weekend to make it on this foodie tour! Where to begin… Ristoranté Brissago, Geneva ChopHouse, Grand Café, Smokey’s Bar-B-Que House, or Links Bar & Grill? Everyone has a little bit of Italian in them, so I’m headed to Ristoranté Brissago and bringing along whoever wants to call themselves family so we can take advantage of La Famiglia. This is an Italian feast serviced family-style, offering a great way to connect and share a meal with both family and friends. There’s a choice of salad or soup – I’d go for the Tomato and Basil Caprese; starter – each choice is good, so I’m not sure which to choose; pasta – here again, it’s difficult to choose, but I’ll try the Wild Mushroom Ravioli; two main dishes – Eggplant Parmesan and Chicken Saltimbocca; and two desserts – which for me has to be the tiramisu ‘coz it’s my favorite! If you prefer to choose from the full menu and maybe not have to share with being that hungry, it’s certainly acceptable, as goodness knows, it’s all delicioso! If you’re a meat and potatoes kind of person, then Geneva Chophouse is your kind of place. Let’s start with a hand-selected, custom-seasoned steak, prepared to perfection on an open-hearth grill. Can you smell it already? Pair it with a great glass of wine and sit back to enjoy! Don’t forget the delectable choice of sides, from loaded baked potatoes, to grilled jumbo asparagus, to lobster mac n’ cheese. You can even upgrade your steak with some seafood options, like Dungeness Crab Oscar. Pick a seasonal drink to finish off the meal, and what else can I say. The Grand Café not only starts your day with a morning kickstart, but can carry your through the day as well with their all day dining menu. Start off breakfast with something light, like house-made granola with berries and local honey, or jump all in with the Farmers Frittata or the Pulled Pork Benedict. Either way is good and maybe the decision is all about what you’re then going to choose for lunch later on. For example, Widmer’s Cheddar Burger with Applewood bacon, garlic aioli, Cipollini and tomato marmalade, and butter lettuce, might require a lighter breakfast, but a Wisconsin Seasonal Grilled Cheese might not. Then again, who knows the size of that Grilled Cheese! This is Wisconsin, Cheese Capital of the Universe! Spending time at Timber Ridge Waterpark? Then Smokey’s Bar-B-Que House will take care of you from breakfast through dinner. Just like the Grand Café, you can start the day off light with Cookie Dough Pancakes or go a little bit more with the Biscuits & Gravy Omelet (I’m a Southern girl, so that got my attention!). Lunch can be some Applewood smoked chicken wings and fried pickles, or a BBQ Pork sandwich with kettle chips, then maybe dinner is Smokey’s Choice, ½ lb. slow smoked Angus brisket with cornbread, choice of side and choice of sauce. Did you save room for dessert? Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie or Cheesecake with Berry Preserves sounds right up my alley. I’m not sure I’ll float in the lazy river very well after all this, but I’ll be sitting poolside with a big ol’ grin on my face with being all satisfied! Not to be outdone as you go hit that little white ball around one of the two championship golf courses, the Links Bar & Grill offers a full breakfast menu and all day treats to keep you going strong. Who knows with the right combination of a Breakfast Burrito finished off with a Mulligan, Grand Geneva’s signature Bloody Mary, in the morning, and Lake Geneva Country Meats Bratwurst with Spotted Cow Sauerkraut, of course paired with a cold Spotted Cow, you might be ready to take on the Hole-in-One Challenge! Enter this new challenge by upgrading your round on The Brute or The Highlands for just $5 to participate, then sink an ace on select holes to win up to $10,000! You know, in thinking about all of this at the Grand Geneva, just a weekend’s stay isn’t going to do it – better make it a long weekend!

Eat your heart outLearn more about the Grand Geneva Resort here

Certainly these are not the end all and be all of the many fabulous restaurants in Walworth County, but these are the ones I know have had something new happening with their menus recently. Get out and try each of the ones I’ve talked about here, but certainly don’t hesitate to try one that I haven’t talked about as there’s many to choose from in Walworth County! Let me know what you find to be a new favorite menu item at a new favorite place or an old favorite at a tried and true place. Let’s eat our way through Walworth County and then share the love of food with everyone! Bon appétit! (Channeling Julia Child for a minute there… lol)

Celebrating July 4th in Walworth County

Independence Day graphicThere is no excuse in not being able to find something to do in celebrating our nation’s birthday this 4th of July weekend in Walworth County. I will allow you to gripe about having to narrow down the choices, however, ‘coz there are many! Walworth County communities know how to celebrate the 4th of July and our nation’s birthday and it’s with more than the spectacular fireworks they are known for. Whether a fun festival or parade is your thing, or you enjoy live music and a cookout, or seek out the thrill of a waterski show or a ride on the midway, or whatever is your go-to for the 4th of July, Walworth County’s choices won’t disappoint.

East Troy kicks off the holiday weekend on Thursday, June 29 with the East Troy Lion’s Club 4th of July Festival, affectionately referred to as ETBT by the locals. The East Troy Beer Tent is the largest beer tent in the area, featuring, of course, beer and other Miller products, and live music daily as well by some well-known area bands. Enjoy the carnival, car show, truck & tractor pulls, and a slew of other activities offered through Sunday, July 2. Don’t forget the parade on Sunday at 1pm.

Whitewater is another community that knows how to celebrate the 4th. Starting on Friday, June 30 and going through Tuesday, July 4th, Whitewater is all about celebrating our freedom and independence for families, friends and community. There is so much to do with carnival rides, live music, a petting zoo for the kids, car & bike show, waterski shows, fireworks on two nights, and a parade. Food and drink are available as well, of course.

Delavan shows their patriotic side with Delavan Township’s celebration on Friday, July 1, 4-11pm, with live music, food & beverages and fireworks at dusk. On July 4th, the “Let Freedom Ring” celebration gets underway with a pancake breakfast at the Delavan Fire Station. The day continues with the Carp-O-Rama Fishing Derby for kids, live music at Phoenix Park, including the UW Marching Band, a parade downtown, and the flag ceremony followed by fireworks at Veteran’s Park.

If patriotic music makes your heart strings sing for our nation’s birth, then Elkhorn is the place to be with their Star Spangled Celebration on Friday, June 30 at Sunset Park. Enjoy music performed by the Holton Band in the historic bandshell. Bring a blanket or a chair, family and friends, and partake of the fun with activities for the kids, food and all followed by a grand fireworks show at dusk.

Burlington’s Browns Lake Venetian Fest on Saturday, July 1, brings the water into the celebrating with a boat parade, waterski show and a kayak/canoe/paddleboard excursion. Live music, food & beverage will be available all day as well. Don’t forget the fireworks, which are being doubled this year! On July 4, the City of Burlington’s Fire Department will once again be having their annual fundraiser and dance, so put on your best dancing shoes and come support them. There’s a bag toss tournament, live music, food & beverage, and fireworks at dusk.

Sharon starts July 4 with a parade at 11am beginning in the downtown area and ending in Goodland Memorial Park, followed by food, music and kids activities, with fireworks at dusk.

Celebrate the spirit of Independence Day in 19th century America through a living history presentation and fun hands-on activities at Old World Wisconsin on July 4. Help make ice cream, participate in a pie eating contest, play games and enter the greased pole contest. All this is highlighted with an interactive parade through the village.

Area resorts, including the Abbey, Geneva National, Grand Geneva, Lake Lawn Resort and the Ridge, are making preparations for the holiday weekend for everyone, not just guests. The Abbey will have live entertainment, family activities, food, and of course, fireworks on July 4. On July 3, Geneva National provides a spectacular Independence Day celebration with their barbecue, drinks, assorted jumbo inflatables and carnival games for the kids, and live music for everyone, followed by fireworks. Grand Geneva, also on July 3, has their grand picnic, plenty of kids activities, a performance by the UW Marching Band and appearance of Bucky Badger, all wrapped up with an array of pyrotechnics to wow your socks off. Lake Lawn Resort holds their All-American buffet on July 3, with live music playing, all lakeside. Celebrate with Ridgeapalooza at the Ridge on July 3, as they fire up the grills, adding in festive music all day, capping it off with Geneva National’s fireworks, perfectly viewed from the Ridge’s “backyard”.

Get on the water for the fireworks with Lake Geneva Cruise Line’s Fireworks Jazz Music Dinner Cruise on July 4 to view Fontana’s fireworks. The Grand Belle leaves the dock at 7:30pm, providing gorgeous views of the setting sun, then spectacular views of the fireworks. Make your reservations now so you don’t miss the boat!

So how will you celebrate the 4th of July? How many different commuities will I find you at as you get your fireworks fixation taken care of? You can never see too many fireworks displays, in my opinion!

4th Of July Celebrations4th Of July Fireworks4th Of July Parades

Treating Dad on Father’s Day in Walworth County

Father's Day

Memories of helping me learn how to ride my bike and how to swim; recommending how to get around the crocodile in the backyard to get a grapefruit off our tree (we lived in Florida at the time); instructing me in how to drive stick shift (ask me why I call Mount Horeb “Mount Horrible”….); teaching me not only how to change a tire, but how to do a tune-up on my car; letting me fail at something so I could learn from it, though it broke his heart to do so… What memories do you have with your father? Sunday, June 18, is Father’s Day, and there are choices galore to choose from in celebrating it with your dad in Walworth County.

Kick off Father’s Day Weekend at the Abbey Resort & Spa as they offer a Spa Special for Dad at Avani Spa. Yes, it’s for Dad, ‘coz he deserves just as much relaxation and rejuvenation as the next person. The Father’s Day Spa Package includes a 50 minute Gentleman’s Facial to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin, in addition to a 50 minute Deep Tissue Massage to release tension, tightness and muscle pain. The offer is valid through the Father’s Day weekend only (6/16-6/18/2017), so get it scheduled for Dad now! Maybe schedule something for yourself (or me… hint, hint!), too!

East Troy Electric Railroad is hosting a Father’s Day Dinner on Saturday, June 17. There’s nothing like the luxury, and even romance, of dining aboard first-class railroad cars the way people did generations ago. Enjoy a great meal while traveling round-trip from East Troy to Phantom Lake, with fine linen tablecloths and an elegant four-course gourmet meal to make Dad feel as special as he truly is.

Golf, golf, and more golf! Get Dad out and enjoying a round or two of golf, while taking advantage of the various offers at several area golf clubs. Geneva National has an exclusive rate of just $75 with cart on Father’s Day itself (Sunday, June 18) and twilight will start early at 2pm for just $49. Give Dad a legendary day on their award-winning Player or Trevino courses. The Grand Geneva Resort is offering fathers to play the Brute or the Highlands for only $89 and replays (must be played the same day) for $39. Dad will get a special gift as well. Evergreen Country Club has specials for playing either 18 or 9 holes: each option provides a coupon for a half-priced Blood Mary or Screwdriver and either a $5 off (for 18 holes) or $2.50 off (for 9 holes) coupon for the Father’s Day Lunch Special, both of which are valid from opening until 1pm on Sunday, June 18. The Father’s Day Lunch Special is choice of either Beef Brisket or Prime Rib Sandwich with cole slaw and french fries. There’s also a Sunday Afternoon Golf Special valid from 1pm and later offering 9 holes for $21 or 18 holes for $31 with a cart. Any way you, golf is a great choice as an option of spending time with Dad!

How about being a little more adventurous and giving Dad a memorable moment? Lake Geneva Canopy Tours is offering 50% off zip line canopy tours for all dads on Sunday, June 18. Experience with the Dad the thrill of soaring through the trees on 8 different zip lines, 5 sky bridges, 3 spiral stairways and a one-of-a-kind “floating” double-helix stairway which wraps around a breathtaking ash tree. The 1,200 foot racing zip line is the grand finale. While doing all of this, your tour guide will wow you with fascinating facts on ecology, biology, geology and the local history of the Geneva Lakes area. Fun and educational! Make your reservations now!

Working up an appetite from all of this activity yet? Then head to Lake Lawn Resort for their Father’s Day Ribfest Beer Brunch. Yep, brunch with ribs and beer – you read that right! A Father’s Day tradition, Ribfest offers a variety of perfectly grilled ribs seasoned with rubs and sauces. Add the abundant side dishes, salads and accompaniments, and it’s a meal fit for a king – that would be Dad, by the way! Lake Lawn Amber Beer will compliment this tasty meal and Dad’s brew will be served in a Lake Lawn glass for him to keep. And as an added gift, a complimentary round of golf will be given to each dad for future use. You’ve got one-stop shopping going on here with a great meal and a gift built-in for Dad!

Now it’s time for some true confessions – did your dad ever say he’d lock you in your room and throw away the key when you misbehaved one time too many? Well here’s a chance to get locked up with Dad at the Lake Geneva Clue Room and face the fun and challenging experience of decoding the clues, solving the puzzle and making your escape from a locked room! With a booking on Sunday, June 18, of four or more people, Dad’s admission is free (use code “DadsDay17”). What a unique way to work together, with the smarts you got from Dad in the first place, to figure things out before time runs out.

My dad loved all things historical, so Old World Wisconsin would be right up his alley this Father’s Day. All fathers receive free admission on Sunday, June 18, as Old World Wisconsin celebrates Scandinavian Midsommar. Dance around the midsommarstang, decorate the sauna with greens, and try food samples fresh from the Norwegian kitchens! Come explore how a centuries’ old celebration of summer flourished in Wisconsin with traditions kept alive by Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian immigrants. Timely with the Summer Solstice around the corner on June 21!

A musical look at history is to be found at the Fireside Theatre with their “Back to the 50s” live band show. Come pay tribute to the most exciting musical decade of them all. Don’t forget this decade also brought us TV dinners, hula hoops, quiz show scandals, talk show legends, and the birth of rock & roll. The Father’s Day Special on Sunday, June 18, is buy three tickets, get the fourth ticket free – and that would be the ticket for Dad! Enjoy a great meal, while listening to the music and fun from such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Patsy Cline, Nat King Cole, Ricky Nelson, Johnny Mathis, the Everly Brothers, and so many more! My toes are tapping just thinking of all that fabulous music!

If blues is more Dad’s style, then Studio Winery has it going on for Father’s Day! On Sunday, June 18, 4-6pm, Frank Falduto and the Patio Daddios will perform blues beyond compare! There is no cover charge, so what could be better? Dad taught you to be wise with your money, so there you go!

No matter how you choose to spend Father’s Day with your dad, there are great choices in Walworth County!

Father's Day Graphic 2017


Walworth County’s Hidden Gem for Lodging: Lake Geneva Motel

01_LGM_LAKE-GENEVA-MOTEL-VIEW-FROM-STREETThe Lake Geneva Motel is Walworth County’s hidden gem when it comes to a place to stay in Lake Geneva. While the resorts and the national hotels certainly have their appeal and place, there’s just as much said for the individual options as well, and Lake Geneva Motel is one of those options. Offering affordable rates of $69/night on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and Friday-Sunday as low as $129/night, clean and comfortable rooms, outdoor heated pool, and only blocks from Geneva Lake and the downtown, this is definitely an option to be considered.

Lake Geneva Motel has 21 rooms and cottages to choose from, offering a variety of choices depending on how many people are in your group. Everyone has use of the outdoor heated pool, barbecue grills, picnic area with tables, and an area for basketball, horseshoes, playing catch and more, plus mini-putt golf is nearby. Free Wi-Fi is available for those that can’t put their phone or tablet down even when on vacation! Don’t worry about where the boat and/or the boat trailer is going to go as there’s free parking just for that.Lake Geneva Motel_July 2015_pool

Area attractions have partnered with Lake Geneva Motel, so take advantage of the following discounts and ask at the front desk if there are others as well:

* $10 discount per person at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, that has an Eco Adventure suited for everyone, be it exploring their 100 acres, year-round, at your own pace, or for the ultimate thrill, traversing eight different zip lines, five sky bridges, three spiral stairways and climbing a one-of-a-kind ‘floating’ double helix stairway while on the world class Canopy Tour. You can also challenge yourself on the High Ropes Excursion through sixteen different obstacles or explore almost nine miles of Arbor Trails designed to accommodate both beginner to advanced hiking and/or biking skills.

* 10% discount at Lake Geneva Cruise Line for either the Geneva Bay Tour, Full Lake & Mailboat Tour, Ice Cream Social Tour, Daily Luncheon Tour, Sunday Brunch Tour or Dinner Cruise. Pick up the ‘preferred guest discount coupon’ at Lake Geneva Motel’s front desk and call 262.248.6206 to make your reservation.

* Midwest Action’s Scooter Tour & Rentals offers guests $5 off per person on scooter rentals. What a fun way to get about town and explore!

For the upcoming Father’s Day weekend, Lake Geneva Motel is offering one night free with the purchase of two nights, all three nights then having to be consecutive. Come on Friday and even if you’re not able to stay overnight on Sunday again as the third consecutive night, you are able to stay as late as you’d like on Sunday. That allow you to take full advantage of activities into the evening, yet have a place to return to relax, freshen up, etc., before heading home. How nice would it be to not have to worry about a checkout time?!

Be one of those that returns to the Lake Geneva Motel year after year, enjoying the quiet setting, the friendly and attentive owners and staff, with all the needed amenities at an affordable price. Make memories for years to come with family and friends, all at the Lake Geneva Motel and throughout the surrounding area with activities, dining and fun. As they Lake Geneva Motel says, “Relax, Reunite, Return’!

Member Monday ~ Never Say Never

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday and this is titled ‘Member Monday’, but I couldn’t wait ’til the coming Monday, which is a holiday besides, to tell you about one of our newest members, Never Say Never. Read on for the Q&A session we had with Never Say Never.

Never Say Never

Q: Give us some background on how Never Say Never, Inc. came to be?

A: Never Say Never (NSN) was founded in 2015. I approached The Board of Park Commissioners in the Fall of 2015 with the need for inclusion in the community. We are one of two counties in the state with a special needs school and the only county in Wisconsin with The Wisconsin School For the Deaf, we have no readily available outdoor recreation for our special needs kids. I presented the idea of building an entirely inclusive playground for kids of all abilities to be able to play together; the vote was unanimous donating 13,000 sq ft of land and $15,000 towards development of a new inclusive playground at Veteran’s Park in Lake Geneva, WI.

Q: The phrase “Never Say Never” is powerful in the feeling it invokes. How’d you decide on that for the business name?

A: A group of like-minded family and friends gathered and started tossing around ideas, themes and names. It was easier coming up with a theme and then everything started to fall into place. A woodland theme with pirate ships and fairies was decided first, then the name was created. Most playgrounds are inaccessible to many children and therefore are telling them “no, you cannot play here”. The title for the Playland was born out of this. We as a community can never say never to a child’s desire to play and we need to encourage and emphasize that all children, regardless of their abilities, can play on our playground.

Q: What steps have already been accomplished in making this all a reality?

A: The first and most important step was becoming a registered 501(c)3 organization.  Nick Egert of Nick Egert Law Offices in Lake Geneva and his team graciously donated their time to help ensure the paperwork was filed correctly. Sheree Carlson of Carlson & Associates in Lake Geneva also came on board as the Treasurer to oversee all financial aspects of the project.

 Q: What’s been the most rewarding/amazing thing to have come from this endeavor so far?
 Sharing the excitement about the project, meeting new people every day, fundraising and developing our design with our design firm, Leather’s & Associates, and most importantly educating others about inclusion.

 Q: What are you finding to be the most difficult thing right now in the process?

A:  Getting the word out across the community. We are always in need of volunteers who can donate their time to work on projects, special tasks and volunteer for committees.

 Q: What has been Kameron’s role in things so far? What does she think of the idea?

A: Kameron loves the idea! Who wouldn’t love the idea of truly being able to play for the first time on a playground? Her favorite activity is to swing and since there are no accessible swings in nearby parks, she cannot participate in play. Stones, woodchips and sand make for a difficult experience even walking through your typical playground, so being around a playground is generally difficult and not a whole lot of fun. Last year, at the age of 16 was Kameron’s first time on a merry-go-round. Can you imagine what it is like to not be able to enjoy the simple things in life?

Q: What are you hoping to teach Kameron from all of this?

A: I’m hoping Kameron will be able to teach others the importance of inclusion and that we are all not built the same; that being different does not mean being secluded. We can all learn from each other and the only way to learn is from experience. She will be that social butterfly at the playground and next time you see her walking around town or at the store, say hi. Ask her about her favorite color, who her favorite Disney character is or what her favorite dessert is, as she will be happy to tell you or maybe even show you!

Q: What are you learning along the way in trying to make this happen?

A: Not everyone understands what inclusion is and how important the NSN project is. Why the cost of components are higher than your typical playground and most importantly what this means to kids like Kam. The Never Say Never Playland will be a place for all to come together to play, not just for our special needs community, but for parents to be able to get together to socialize, grandparents to enjoy playing with their grandkids, disabled adults to play with their typically-abled kiddos, and lastly where everyone can be a little more free from stress.

Q: What are you hoping to teach others through this process and once the playground is completed?

A: Why inclusion is important. Sometimes even though our kids cannot talk, they have something to say and have just as many needs as we do. Let’s all help them by giving everyone the gift of play, no matter what their disability, age, restrictions or non-restrictions are. Play is important to everyone!

Q: If someone wants to volunteer or donate to Never Say Never, what steps do they take to make that happen?

A:  Visit our website at or Facebook page at

Email us at to be added to our email list.

Donations are accepted online via PayPal through our website or they can mail a check to: Never Say Never, Inc., P.O. Box 824 Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Q: What is your preferred method for being contacted if someone has questions or wants to learn more about Never Say Never?

A: By email: or by phone/text: 262.206.6991.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Separately from the information in this conversation with Never Say Never, I wanted to let everyone also know about the following good news: Never Say Never were recently delighted to learn that the Geneva National Foundation is partnering with them to sponsor the Never Say Never Golf Outing, to be held July 10, on two courses at beautiful Geneva National Resort. Kunes Country Auto Group has also graciously agreed to be the presenting sponsor of this premier golf event.

If you wish to be an exclusive sponsor for dinner, lunch, golf carts or beverage carts, please contact Never Say Never President, Dusti Ocampo, directly at or call her at 262.206.6991.

As for registering your golf foursome, do so before May 31 and receive a 25% discount of only $900 per foursome. The rate increases to $1,200 on June 1 and then registration closes June 30. You can find the registration link here: Never Say Never Golf Outing Registration

Just think ~ you can enjoy a round of golf on Geneva National’s award-winning Palmer or Trevino signature course, a gourmet lunch to-go, and dinner, cocktail hour and silent auction at the Clubhouse — and do it all in support of an all-inclusive playground for Lake Geneva children with and without disabilities.

Summer is Coming to Walworth County!

Summer is comingOkay, so it’s supposedly 64 degrees as I write this, cloudy, rain imminent and not feeling like summer is soon to be upon us at all, but Memorial Day weekend is historically thought of as the opening weekend to summer. Who wants to notify Mother Nature to check her calendar as a reminder that it’s practically the end of May and to get with it in warming things up?

Regardless of the weather, it is Memorial Day in a few days and with that comes a boatload of activities and events to choose from to help you enjoy the 3-day weekend in Walworth County. First and foremost are the tributes to our nation’s fallen heroes who made our freedom to celebrate possible, followed by introduction to some summertime fun to get the season started.

Use this as your resource for the list of Memorial Day ceremonies and parades that are planned for in almost every community in Walworth County. Most all take place on Monday morning, May 29, and feature veterans, military salutes, local school bands, and in some cases parades, each in honor of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.Memorial Day 2017

With all respect to the meaning and purpose of the Memorial Day weekend, I still have to ask this next question: who loves chocolate and I want you to answer by raising your hand? Wow! That’s like everybody, as well it should be. Well, okay, there is that one person I know who is, gasp, allergic to chocolate. Still, there’s no reason that everyone shouldn’t be heading over to Burlington for ChocolateFest! Friday, May 26, kicks things off with a grand fireworks display at 9pm. Then begins the full weekend of being in a chocolate paradise! A visit to the Chocolate Experience Test includes chocolate vendors and sample tasting opportunities, chocolate eating contests, a chocolate sculpting competition, chef demonstrations, a high school culinary challenge, and chocolate-related activities for all ages. Wonder how often one can go through and get samples or if they limit it, ‘coz seriously, it’s chocolate and there should be no limits. Maybe I’ll have to dig up some disguises or wigs or something, as chocolate shouldn’t be denied… I suppose I should mention there are other activities at ChocolateFest as well, like the carnival and rides, petting zoo and the live music covering a variety of genres, plus so much more! If you don’t get your chocolate fix taken care of here, then I don’t know what else to do for you.

Once the sugar high has kicked in from ChocolateFest, go over to beautiful Echo Park, also in Burlington, for the Jaycee’s Annual Arts, Crafts & Vendors Fair, held Saturday, May 27, and Sunday, May 26, 10am-4pm each day. A stroll through the park will get you checking out handmade arts & crafts, metal yard art, garden art, handmade jewelry, clothing, bird houses, sculptures, furniture and lots more. Make sure you left room in the car for those must-have items you’re going to get! I’ll help make room in my car, too, and you can get me something while there. Deal?

So my girls and I used to do ‘dessert first’ nights occasionally when they were much younger. Okay, I’ll admit it – we still do sometimes even now that they are both almost full out 20-somethings. With that, let’s consider ChocolateFest ‘dessert first’ and then I’ll meet you in East Troy for their Annual Corn & Brat Roast, held Friday, May 26, through Monday, May 29. It’s the 41st year for this popular event and it doesn’t look a day over 29! The Village square will be filled with people just like us that succumbed to the temptations of roasted sweet corn, and grilled brats, hot dogs, and burgers, all washed down with soda or beer. Thank goodness there’s live entertainment to dance to that will help work off the calories!

Another form of working off the calories will be done while walking around East Troy for the 26th Annual Community-wide Rummage Sale, held all weekend, 9am-4pm each day. Wow – food, music and great deals! What else could you ask for? So glad you asked ~ the answer is the 2nd Annual Brewfest, which is Sunday, May 28, from 3-6pm. Featuring unlimited samples of over 35 craft beers and micro brews from area breweries, such as Lagunitas Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewery, Deschutes Brewery, Geneva Lake Brewing, and more. There will also be the best local homebrewers in East Troy bringing out their best drafts for tasting and rating. East Troy has got it going on this coming weekend!

Are you a backyard astronomy enthusiast? What’s your favorite sky viewing app for your phone? Get your star geek nature fulfilled with Yerkes Observatory as they host Explore Scientific Demo Days, Friday through Sunday, May 26-28, on the Observatory grounds. Explore Scientific is the manufacturer of the choice for the eyepieces used with the 40-inch Great Refractor Telescope used in the pubic viewing program at Yerkes. The staff of Explore Scientific, as makers of high-quality telescopes, binoculars, eyepieces, microscopes, and observing accessories, will demonstrate and also offer their products for sale to those of us dreaming of the stars and beyond. The event will run concurrently with Yerkes’ daytime tours on Friday and Saturday, from 11am-5:30pm, and though tours of the building won’t be available on Sunday, Explore Scientific and their displays will still be available on the Observatory grounds, again from 11am-5:30pm. If Mother Nature cooperates with weather permitting it, then take advantage from 7:30-11pm each evening, Friday through Sunday, of looking through telescopes and eyepieces that Explore Scientific will have available. This is separate from Yerkes’ evening viewing on Friday and Saturday, again weather permitting, with the 40-inch refractor or the 24-inch reflector telescope, that still has the normal registration process, with limited space and applicable fees as usual. No matter how many constellations and planetary bodies you can name, the opportunity to view the night sky with these historic telescopes is not to be missed, besides the chance to see the beautiful Yerkes Observatory building.

From the watching the stars and planets to digging in the ground – come on, make the transition with me! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get out in the yard for some landscaping and gardening. Now, ask me in about July if I’m still so excited after having to mow the lawn however many times by then, but for right now, I want to get in the dirt and plant stuff! The Garden Fair, hosted by Fontana Garden Club, on Saturday, May 27, from 9am-3pm, is just the place to get started. It’s at a new location this year – Pearce’s Farm Stand, at the corner of Highway 67 and County F, 2 miles north of Fontana and just west of Williams Bay. I’m going to have a fun time deciding between perennials, annuals and herbs, or some of all the above, but I’ll gladly take on the challenge! I’m really curious and excited to see the unique “Kool Kontainers” the Club members have designed. Wonder if I need to borrow a friend’s truck to haul home all the goodies I’m sure to get? There are even homemade pies to purchase, as well as a silent auction of fabulous items to bid on. I can smell the dirt under my nails and see the grass stains on my knees already and all I can do is smile in anticipation!

Maybe a little bit of water will be needed to wash off the dirt and grass stains, and what better way to do that than by getting wet with waterskiing! I’ll confess that I’ll stick to washing off the dirt in the shower instead, but then I’ll definitely go see the Minneiska Water Ski Show Team. They begin their season on Saturday, May 27, at 7pm, and you’ll find your seat to view the barefoot action, pyramid acts and ballet on water at Scenic Ridge Campground on Whitewater Lake. Let me know you’re coming and I’ll save you a spot!

Sunday is brunch day typically, and this Sunday, May 28, is no different. Rosewood’s staff of three Culinary Institute of America chefs are celebrating Memorial Day with a unique chef-attended, farm-to-table brunch. Seating times are 11:30am and 1pm, with reservations required. The brunch includes a chef-attended pasta station, omelets made-to-order, a carving station, displayed hot and cold buffets, and fresh baked pastries. I certainly can’t forget to include that there is an unlimited Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar! Add all this delectable food and drink options to the casually elegant space, tastefully designed in a modern refined rustic décor, and you’ve got an extraordinary environment to enjoy besides enjoying the food. Don’t forget to wander in to the gift shop to peruse and purchase some of the unique items found there.

If you’re tired out from all the activities you had to choose from and did on Saturday, then maybe brunch is a bit early for you on Sunday morning. As an option, Lake Lawn Resort’s Lakeside Lawn Party & Pig Roast is Sunday, May 28, from 12-7pm. There will be live music by Triple D, from 12-4pm, performing current Top 40 dance, classic rock, 80s hair band, country, smooth jazz and much more. It’ll be needed to help work off the food you’ll be eating: besides pulled whole rotisserie roasted pork sandwiches with blackstrap molasses BBQ sauce, there’s also KC-style BBQ chicken, grilled brats and burgers, slow roasted smoked brisket, baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad, fresh broccoli salad, seasonal fresh fruit salad, jalapeno cheddar chive corn bread muffins with honey butter, watermelon slices, make-your-own spring berry shortcake, M&M brownies, and all washed down with Lake Lawn’s famous pink lemonade. If you walk away hungry, there’s something wrong! Heck, if you walk away period after all this great food it’ll be a miracle!

Wind things down a little bit on Monday, May 29, with attending one of the Memorial Day observances, then let’s join up and golf in support of veterans while playing in the Fisher House Wisconsin Scramble at Evergreen Golf Club. It’s a 2 person, 18 hole scramble, with a 10am shotgun start. Sign up individually or as a team, with the entry fee including golf, cart, lunch, raffle ticket and prizes. There will be team prizes for 1st, 4th and 8th place, as well as an optional team skins game. Working on your golf swing or your putting or whatever needs working on (which for me is everything needs work…), all while golfing for a great cause – you can’t beat that!

No matter how you choose to spend this Memorial Day weekend, enjoy it all in Walworth County, where everything is Naturally Fun!