Getting Your Adrenaline Rush On at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

As some of you know, I’m relatively new to the Lake Geneva area. That said, every experience I have in Walworth County is a new one for me. I’ve been welcomed with open arms by so many local attractions and businesses that I’ve been able to cover a lot of ground in the area in just a short time, and for that I’m grateful.

One of my recent adventures in Walworth County was a visit to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. I tried not to let it show, but deep down I was ridiculously excited to try zip lining. Most people in the area don’t know this about me, but I am a retired glazier. Believe it or not, that does not mean that I was at the donut shop bright and early glazing your favorite morning pastry. Rather, I was a Journeyman Glazier where I installed windows in high-rise, commercial buildings. I LOVE heights. And I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, too. Zip lining was a chance to enjoy heights and get a bit of an adrenaline rush all at once, especially on the zip they call “The Beast.” On top of that, I also got an interesting eco-tour of the site and the guides were hilariously awesome, so I was in stitches throughout the entire tour!

Caitlyn and John - Tour Guides from Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

When you first arrive for your canopy tour, you’ll meet your guides and the other people in your group. Once the introductions are through, you’ll move on to gearing up for your adventure. A harness, a helmet, gloves and a trolley are necessities, and your guides will make sure that everything is appropriately fitted to you before you head to the course. As soon as everyone is set, you’ll hop a short ride to the course where you get a quick lesson on the “Ground School” zip to learn everything you need to know to conquer the course.

Safety Gear worn for zip lining at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

Clearly I didn’t have any issues making the leap on the first of eight zips on the course, however; there were a couple hesitant participants in my group. I do believe that when this course was designed, the possible hesitation of some was taken into consideration because they start you off small. The first zip was short, sweet, and not too far off the ground. The “Butterfly,” which is about 100 feet long and 15 feet high, was a pleasant little teaser preparing you for what was yet to come. My only hitch was the “landing” at the end of the zip line. There are landing logs on the platforms, and admittedly, I wasn’t very good at landing on them. I always tell people that you’ll never hear my name and the word “graceful” in the same sentence. I proved that statement correct once again, because I seemed to be the only one consistently missing the block.

I won’t lie, the zips get longer, and some higher, as the course goes on, but by the time you reach “The Beast,” you’re pretty confident about making it across without any worry. “The Beast,” by the way, is only 841 feet long and about 70 feet high. You will certainly pick up a bit of speed on this one, but it’s nothing that a few pats from a gloved hand can’t slow down.

The zip lines alone make the canopy tour a blast. Add the sky bridges and spiral stairways, and your adventure level sky rockets to an even higher level of awesomeness…literally and figuratively! The longest sky bridge is a mere 240 feet long. There’s a bit of a shake as everyone treks their way across the bridge, but even for the fainthearted, the wobbliness is well worth it as you take in an incredible view from the treetops. The spiral stairways are a rush to climb, and offer an impressive view over the course and fellow zip liners.

Sky Bridge at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, Lake Geneva, Walworth County, WI.

Here’s a few fun eco facts about Lake Geneva Canopy Tours:

  • The course was built on the site of a reclaimed quarry of a non-metallic mining facility.
  • Only eight mature trees were removed in construction of the course, in which the trees were then used for benches, landing logs and obstacles.
  • All of the platforms can be adjusted as the tree grows. Telescoping arms are attached to the platforms (not the trees), allowing for easy adjustments without causing damage to the trees.

After two and a half hours of zipping and climbing, I was asked if I would do it again. My answer: Heck yea! I don’t know if fun like that would ever get old, no matter how many times I did it. And who knows, maybe if I did it enough I might find a little grace in my landings. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

For more information on the Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, or to schedule a tour, head over to their website and search them out on social media.

Member Monday: Assault Challenge Foundation

TibbetsThe Cancer Assault Challenge is right around the corner and we were fortunate enough to get the dish on everything related to the event from Julie Lopez, one of the founders of this incredible fundraising event that benefits the MACC Fund! Read on to get all the details and history, and to find out how YOU can help give hope to kids by participating.

Q: What is the Assault Challenge Foundation?
A: Our foundation was founded in hopes of raising awareness in our local community, helping our community and surrounding communities to join together for a common cause and to make a difference.

Q: Who does the Assault Challenge Foundation help?
A: We are helping friends, neighbors, family members and our community to give back and help in the fight against cancer as well as helping other local charities.

Q: How was the Assault Challenge Foundation started?
A: We started by forming the Cancer Assault Challenge in 2013 when our son said he was tired of doing the same old thing to raise money to help others.  After many discussions CAC was born followed by the Assault Challenge Foundation in January 2016.

Q: What is the mission of the Assault Challenge Foundation?
A: We are a grassroots organization hoping to make a difference in our local communities.  We have been dedicated to helping raise cancer awareness but are not limited to that.  We plan on expanding our scope to include Camp Getaway in September of this year.

-_83-LQ: What differentiates your challenge from similar fundraising events?
A: We have made our event family friendly, it’s only as competitive as you’d like to make it, affordable for anyone and it has a personality of its own.  We give back locally to our communities and are happy to say we are 100% volunteers within our Foundation.

Q: When is the date and time of the upcoming event?
A: Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Q: Is the Cancer Assault Challenge event annual, or does it take place multiple times throughout the year?
A: This is an annual event.

Q: Where is does this event take place?
A: Lutherdale Bible Camp, Hwy 12, Elkhorn WI

IMG_0115-LQ: Is the Cancer Assault Challenge a traveling event (does it only take place in Elkhorn, or does it travel to other cities/states as well)?
A: It is Elkhorn based and home grown.

Q: How does the fundraising process work for each participant?
A: Participants only have to pay a registration fee –  we don’t ask for you to ask your friends to sponsor you.  However, many participants do come with extra checks that they have collected.

Q: What is the fee to participate in the Cancer Assault Challenge event?
A: Registration fees are:

$40   Extreme Run
$30   Couch Potato Run
$20     Student Rate (12-18) either Run
$20     Student (6-12) Couch Potato Run ONLY

Q: What is the most physically challenging obstacle in the course?
A: I really can’t say which is the most challenging, that is different for everyone.  I think everyone LOVES the water obstacle hosted by Clearwater Outdoor of Lake Geneva. They have done a fantastic job for us!

Q: Is there an age restriction for your event?
A: Yes, 6 to 106

Q: Can teams participate in your event, or is it solely for individual participants?
A: Teams are welcomed, most of our participants run with a team of friends or family members.  As the years have gone by it’s an ongoing challenge to have the biggest team in the event.  DDHS has been leading the pack and hoping to hit 100 this year but, WHS is nipping that their heels and brings them in by the bus load now.

_DSC3054Q: If someone isn’t able to participate in the challenge, can they still help the cause somehow?
A: There are plenty of volunteer opportunities.  It takes a village to pull off this event.  We build and design our own obstacles with the help of many local builders who volunteer their time.  The day of the event we generally are between 70-85 volunteers to run smoothly.  So if running isn’t your thing I have many other ways for you to help, marketing, sponsorship, planning, logistics, obstacle monitors, water stations, clean up, and sponsoring this event.  Without our sponsors and volunteers this wouldn’t be happening, they make all the difference.  Our event has truly been blessed with the generosity of those involved.

Q: How much has your event raised for the cause, as a whole, to date?
A: We will be over $100,000 at the end of the event this year.

Q: How much of the fundraised money goes back to the cause?
A: We try to keep expenses as low as we can by asking for donations of materials needed and negotiating the best prices for what we need each year.  Our expense ratio differs each year depending on the number attending so it’s between 20-25%.

Q: Please describe the entire process of participation from signing up for the event through completion of the event.
A: You start by making a commitment to yourself to do the challenge.  Then find some other crazy friends or family members who also like to play in the mud.  Go to our website and sign up online or download a registration form complete, sign it and don’t forget to include your email so we can contact you with race details.  The week of the event on Wed (this year 5/11) we have an early registration so you can chose to come and pick up your swag early and not have to stand in line the day of the event.  You will receive an email that week listing the wave time you or your team will be running.  We have a shuttle that runs from Tibbets Elementary school on Cty Rd A in Elkhorn to the event.  The parking fills up fast so it may be your first choice.  Spectators are welcomed and we just ask that you donate at our registration table.  Many other events charge upwards of $10 per person if you are not running.  We don’t charge but hope you would come with a giving heart.  These donations help up to continue to post all pictures and video from the event at no cost for spectators and participants to share.  Please show up minimum 30 minutes ahead, longer if you still have to register or show up really early and be part of our opening ceremony.  When your wave is called head to the starting line and get ready for some fun.  After completing the course you can jump in the lake to rinse off or hose down at our clean up station.  There is no private changing area; there is a bag check if you brought clean clothes.  This year we are proud to partner with US Again so instead of throwing out 100s of dirty shoes left behind we will be recycling shoes left behind.  Participants and spectators can bring clothing, bedding and shoes to be recycled to areas in need.

-_250-LQ: Is there any event swag for participation?
A: We have fantastic swag bags loaded up with great giveaways from our sponsors.

Q: Who are your sponsors and how do they help support the event?
A: Ours sponsors are the backbone of our event.  Each year they are listed on our website and we encourage our participants to reach out to them.  These businesses are asked each day by some event or person to give, we are fortunate that they have chosen our organization to partner with.  Each sponsor chooses what level they can participate at anywhere from $50-$2500 (not that we are limiting a bigger check…lol) Some of our sponsors, sponsor in-kind by providing us their services in exchange for the sponsorship.  We are work hard to acknowledge our sponsors throughout our event and throughout the year.

Q: Please tell us a little about the founders of the Assault Challenge Foundation.
A:  The founders of ACF are the Lopez family, Henry, Julie and Greyson as well as the many volunteers who helped us get this off the ground.  I like to think of everyone who helped in the beginning years as our Founders.  I was born and raised in Elkhorn and those who know me know I have been raising money for a cause since I was 5 years old collecting door to door with a Nestles can so I could attend the UNICEF party at the church.  When I started my family I wanted to instill in them the importance of giving back and helping others.  The next time your life seems to being overwhelming you I challenge you to go out and do a random act of kindness and watch how your attitude changes.  This is what I have hopeful taught my kids not just by talk but through action.  It seems a life time ago since my innocent start with my Nestles can.  I have helped raise millions of dollars across the country for other organizations.  The Assault Challenge Foundation is our own grassroots opportunity to give back to others and our community.  We get to see what our hard works is for first hand, each day. I’m proud of all we are accomplishing as the song goes,”With a little help from my friends”.

Q: What do you think is the single most important reason people should participate and support the Assault Challenge Foundation?
A: We make a difference in people’s lives.  I hear so many stories throughout the year from our participants.  The first year we had an overwhelming response and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to keep up with the workload this event presents.  I packed up after the event, unloaded, put away everything I’m sure anyone who has run an event can identify with this.  Exhausted I crawled into bed, the phone rang at 7:00am the next morning and it was a woman who had brought her son to our event.  You see her son and his father had been in a car accident and the father passed away shortly after.  The boy hadn’t really talked much since it happened nearly a year ago.  He really wanted to try our event, he came with is Mom and I found a team he could run with.  He did a great job!  The next morning he woke up and ran into his Mom’s room to tell her how excited he was about on event and he has run every year since with his friends.  You see she called that morning to thank us for what we had done.  We had given her, her son back.  The members of the Board of our Foundation work tirelessly to make sure each year our event is safe, fun and full of families coming to make memories and help make a difference in each other’s lives.

Q: Where can we learn more about the Assault Challenge Foundation?
A: We will be launching our website hopefully at our event, May 15th with more information about our Foundation, as well as resources for those dealing with cancer.  We are happy to partner with Matthew Olsen, President of Signalfire and his amazing staff who work with us to get our websites and all of our marketing needs handled.  I will be happy to update you with the website URL when it is ready to go live.  You are always welcomed to contact Julie Lopez, President at or at 262-742-4372.

Q: Where can we register to participate in the event?
A:  You can register online through our website at or download a registration form and mail it in with your fee.

Now that you’re pumped and excited to challenge yourself, have FUN and help a worthy cause, head on over to their website and download that registration form!

Learn more about the many exciting events happening throughout Walworth County by visiting

5 Spring Break Adventures in Walworth County

Looking for a little adventure over Spring Break? Well, look no further than Walworth County. The Lake Geneva area has lots of super fun activities for the wanderlust with an adventurous spirit! Here’s our list of 5 fantastically adventurous things you can do right here in Wisconsin’s very own backyard for Spring Break!


Lake Geneva Canopy Tours has 100 incredible acres of fun and adventure. Experience the ultimate thrill as you traverse 8 different zip lines, 5 sky bridges, 3 spiral stairways and climb a one-of-a-kind “floating” double helix stairway on their world class Canopy Tour.  You can also challenge yourself on the High Ropes Excursion through 16 different obstacles! If you’re looking for adventure a little closer to the ground, you can also explore their their 9 miles of  Arbor Trails designed to accommodate beginner to advanced hiking and/or biking.


MF Helicopters Scenic Tours
Ever wonder what Wisconsin looks like from a bird’s eye view in spring? MF Helicopters offers sightseeing tours that can help with exactly that! Have a seat in their Robinson R44 helicopter, sit back, relax and enjoy the view as Chief Pilot Mark Frey floats you through the clouds and points out the area’s many scenic views from about 1,000 feet.

MountainBikeBike Trails
Nestled in the Kettle Moraine, the Lake Geneva area has some of the best bicycling trails in the state! Darien’s Wildwood Park has 26 acres of trails perfect for all skill levels. Alpine Valley’s Mountain Bike Trail has six miles of tight and twisty trails that is 80% single track, with bridges and stunning forest canopy. Babe Mann Park in Elkhorn has 34 acres to enjoy, that includes biking trails. The Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Whitewater has more than 160 miles of trails, varying in difficulty and length, with steep climbs. Choose your level of difficulty, pick a trail and ride on! For even more bike trails in the area, visit our website!

TimberRidgeWaterparkTimber Ridge Indoor Waterpark
If you’re staying in the Midwest this  year for Spring Break, but still crave swimsuits and H2O adventures, then Timber Ridge is the place to be! Suitable for kids of all ages, everyone in the family is sure to have a blast! If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, the 35-foot-high slides take you on an epic 300-foot adventure of twists and turns, which finally come to an end in a heated pool. For a tamer ride, the Lazy River drifts more than 500 calm, relaxing feet. The Tiny Timbers area is perfect place for littles to play, while the Activity Pool is great for keeping kids aged 7-10 moving!

Skydive MilwaukeeSkydive Milwaukee
Wait – Milwaukee?? That’s not in Walworth County. Before you throw the idea to the wind, check this out: Skydive Milwaukee/Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club jumps out of the East Troy Municipal Airport. So YES, you CAN skydive right here in Walworth County! Get out your adventure goggles and get ready to to experience the thrilling excitement of freefall skydiving from 14,500 feet, followed by 3 – 5 minutes of serene parachute flight! It will be an adventure you’ll never forget!
*You must be 18 or older to skydive

If that list wasn’t enough fun for you, no worries! You can also visit the Walworth County Visitors Bureau online for more ideas of where to have fun in the area OR stop in at the Visitors Bureau office at the Lake Lawn Airport, and we’ll arm you with ideas galore!


Shop Local Saturday: Fontana Paddle Company

Join us every Saturday as we feature a store in the Lake Geneva area!  Get the scoop behind the unique shops throughout Walworth County, and find out what makes them stand above the rest.

This week, we spoke to Michelle from Fontana Paddle Company.  Fontana Paddle Company, located right on Geneva Lake in beautiful Fontana, offers everything you need for fun on the water (sailing, rowing, stand up paddleboarding, and kayaking).  In addition to an expansive retail store, they offer classes/lessons and rentals – even a 10-pass membership where you get ten 2-hour rentals to use throughout the summer!  Scroll down to find out more about this local water sports organization


Q:  How did Fontana Paddle Company start? 
A:  As a service to the community offering new opportunities for people and families to get access to the lake through kayaking and paddle boarding.

Q:  How did you choose “Fontana Paddle Company” as the name?
A:  It described our location and what we were offering.

Q:  How long have you been in business?
A:  Since 2010.

Q:  What type of items do you sell?
A:  Boats, Paddle boards, kayaks, gear, paddling apparel, accessories for water sports.


Q:  What sets you apart from the competition?
A:  WE have over 100 boards in stock and you can try them out from our private pier.  We offer rowing classes and rentals (how fun!).  WE are a multi water sport destination.

Q:  Do you have any events/specials coming up?
A:  Yes – our Annual Ice Breaker event is May 9th and May 10th on Fontana Beach from 10:00 to 4:00. It is a free family and community event.


Q:  What is the “must have” item from Fontana Paddle Company? 
A:  Carbon Paddle and Supreme Booties!

Q:  Do you ship, and can people order from your store online?
A:  Yes, and Yes – go to for the online store.

Q:  Do you offer gift wrapping?
A:  Yes!

Q:  Where can we find Fontana Paddle Company?
A:  Walking distance from The Abbey Resort in between the public beach and Chuck’s (454 Lake Street, Fontana).  Our hours currently are 10 am to 4 pm, Wed – Sun.  Season beginning May 15th, when we will be open 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays, and Rentals 7 am to 11 am on Weekends, with retail store open till 5pm.



Thanks for reading…check back here every Saturday for a NEW “Shop Local Saturday” post, featuring businesses right here in the Lake Geneva area!

Shop Local Saturday: Clear Water Outdoor

Join us every Saturday as we feature a store in the Lake Geneva area!  Get the scoop behind the unique shops throughout Walworth County, and find out what makes them stand above the rest.

This week, we spoke to Gretchen from Clear Water Outdoor.  Clear Water Outdoor is celebrating 10 years in business, right here in Lake Geneva, WI! Since then, they have opened two more Wisconsin locations.  They are a “Travel Green” certified business and are all about the outdoor lifestyle (which is perfect when you live in an area as beautiful as ours!)  Check out our talk with Gretchen below!


Q:  Tell us about Clear Water Outdoor…
A:  Dave and Sarah Schuster always dreamed about running a store together where they could help others discover the joy of outdoor living. With a business plan and a prayer, this adventurous duo opened the first Clear Water Outdoor in Lake Geneva on May 1, 2005. Since then, Sarah Schuster, Dave Schuster, Brian Waspi and an outstanding team, have grown to 3 store locations in Lake Geneva, Delafield and Milwaukee. On May 1st, 2015 Clear Water Outdoor celebrates 10 years in business!

Q:  How did Clear Water Outdoor get its name?
A:  The name Clear Water Outdoor is rooted in the Potowatomi name for Geneva Lake; “Kishwauketoe”, which means “clear water.”  Our beginnings are rooted in the idea of connecting friends, family, oneself to the outdoors and . As a locally-owned and operated business, our goals revolve around supporting the communities of our stores, to get outside, be active, have fun and be connected.

Q:  What sets you apart from the competition?
A:  Our mission is “To encourage and enhance one’s life outdoors at any age and in any season.”  In addition to great products, each store offers kayak, stand up paddle, canoe, snowshoe and cross country ski rentals and sales. What truly differentiates Clear Water Outdoor is our own Adventure Club Membership. Built upon our mission statement, this group of fun loving peeps joins us for fun events, social paddles, yoga, climbing and much more. We are much more than your average retail store!

climbing 2015

Q:  What type of items do you sell?
A:  Our main sales floor provides visitors with a comfortable atmosphere to shop for casual clothing, yoga, multi-sport, outerwear, ski gear and footwear. Great accessories can also be found…hats and bags, games, books and watches, gear for your dogs and great items for kids.The stores’ garage is our paddling and camping center. “The Gearage”, provides all the gear needed to get outdoors and have fun including kayaks, stand up paddle boards (SUPS), wet suits, life jackets, paddles, tents, sleeping bags, packs and more.

ladies jackets spring 2015

Q:  How long have you been in business?
A:  Since May 1, 2005 – 10 years this year!

Q:  Do you have any events/specials coming up?
A:  Yes! Our Annual Demo Days! Starting Saturday we are offering Free Demos of Kayaks and SUPs on Lake Geneva Beach. Saturday May 2, May 9, and May 16, 2015 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Check in at Clear Water Outdoor 744 W. Main St. Lake Geneva. Demo days are also scheduled in Delafield and Milwaukee! Learn more about our fun events at

Q:  What is the “must have” item from Clear Water Outdoor? 
A:  So many…Chaco Sandals  Ladies/Mens, Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket Ladies/Mens, Kuhl Pants for Men, Arc’teryx Contenta Dress Ladies, and paddle shirts!

patagonia torrentshell
Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket – at Clear Water Outdoor


Q:  Do you ship, and can people order from your store online?
A:  Yes, we send most orders out the day we receive them (Monday-Friday received by 2pm CST).  Online shopping is available at

Q:  Do you offer gift wrapping?
A:  Yes, we offer complimentary gift wrapping at all locations for Clear Water Outdoor purchases…except for kayaks & SUPs! 😉

Q:  Where can we find Clear Water Outdoor?
A:  We are located at:
744 W. Main Street in Lake Geneva  | 803 Genesee Street Delafield, WI 53018 | 250 N. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53202
We are open Monday-Thursday 10am – 6 pm,  Friday-Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm.


Thanks for reading…check back here every Saturday for a NEW “Shop Local Saturday” post, featuring businesses right here in the Lake Geneva area!

15 Things To Do with Your Kids this Winter for $15 or Less!

Winter break is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering, “what are my kids going to do with all this time off?!”  Don’t worry – we are here to help!  We’ve gathered a list of 15 things you can do with your kids this winter – and the best part is that each activity is $15 or less (in fact, some are FREE)!  This is just a ‘sample’ of the great activities in the Lake Geneva area, so check our website or Events Calendar for more great ideas!

15 things winter graphic

  1. Join Clearwater Outdoor for open rock wall climbing every Tuesday night.
    Every Tuesday night, Clearwater Outdoor hosts an “open rock wall climbing night” from 7-9pm.  They alternate between two locations (Lake Geneva Youth Camp and Covenant Harbor), so check their website for location details.
    Cost: $5 per person.

    CWO Climb 2014
    Clear Water Outdoor – rock climbing
  2. Visit Grand Geneva’s Christmas in the Country.
    With gingerbread house displays, thousands of lights on display throughout the resort property, and beautiful decorations everywhere – a stroll through the Grand Geneva Resort property can get anyone into the Christmas spirit!  Make the visit into a fun game with your kids and see how many Santas (or gingerbread houses or decorated trees) they can count.  PLUS – Every day at 4 pm, Santa’s elves make a mail run!
    Cost: Free.

    Grand Geneva – Christmas in the Country
  3. Head indoors – and take a dip at the Whitewater Aquatic Center.
    If you’ve never been here, it’s time to change that!  This aquatic center is complete with an indoor water park (water slides, spouts, and more).
    Cost: $7 for Whitewater residents; $8 for non-residents.

    Whitewater Aquatic Center
  4. Hit the slopes at Grand Geneva – every Thursday is “2 for 1” area tickets.
    Grand Geneva’s Mountain Top offers over 30 acres of skiing and snowboarding with 18 runs.  Bring your own equipment or rent from their ski shop.  Lessons available as well!
    Cost: $23/child, $28/adult.  Thursdays are “2 for 1” day, getting two people in for the price of one!  Rentals extra.

    Grand Geneva – downhill skiing
  5. Enjoy a live performance of The Nutcracker Suite Ballet at Lake Lawn Resort.
    Their final performance of the 2014 season is December 20th at 7pm.  Performed by The Dance Factory, this ballet will enchant you as 30+ performers in dazzling costumes perform this traditional holiday show.  Come early for Lake Lawn’s Prime Rib Buffet (additional cost)!
    Cost: $6/child, $12/adult. 

    Lake Lawn – The Nutcracker Ballet
  6. Go fish – at Rushing Waters Fisheries, open year-round.
    With no license required and year-round fishing, this place offers great trout fishing – and none of the cleaning hassle!  The fishing rate includes your pole & equipment, bait, cleaning, and icing of your fish.
    Cost: $8.75/lb, or $7.75/lb if you clean it yourself.

    RushingWatersInside_ (1)
    Rushing Waters Fisheries
  7. Enjoy a holiday tea party at Grand Geneva Resort.
    Every day (November 29-December 28), Grand Geneva is offering a special afternoon Holiday Tea.  Dress in your finest clothing and celebrate at a traditional tea party!  Reservations available from 11 am – 2 pm daily.
    Cost: $14.95/person.

    Holiday Tea at Grand Geneva
  8. Explore the area’s history at Geneva Lake Museum.
    The museum is open Friday-Sunday in December and offers docent-guided (or at your own pace, if you wish) tours of the museum.  Relive Lake Geneva’s fascinating history at this beautifully-maintained museum.  The interactive exhibits make it great for the whole family!
    Cost: $6/students with ID, $7/adults, children 11 and under are FREE.

    Geneva Lake Museum
  9. Take a family sleigh ride through the countryside with Dan Patch Stables.
    Once the snow is flying, a sleigh ride is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful winter day.  Their sleighs can comfortably accommodate 4 adults, or a family.  Sleigh rides can be reserved 7 days a week, 10 am – 4 pm (weather permitting).
    Cost: $60/sleigh ride.

    Dan Patch Stables – sleigh rides
  10. Skate the day away at one of the local skating rinks.
    There are skating rinks at many local parks throughout Walworth County, where you can skate ’til your heart’s content, if you have your own skates – weather permitting!  If you need a skate rental, we recommend checking out one of the local resorts (Lake Lawn, The Abbey, Geneva Ridge, or Grand Geneva) for a rink with rentals available.
    Rental Cost: varies from $2 – $8; check with each resort for price.  Most park rinks are FREE!

    Geneva Ridge Resort – ice skating
  11. Bowl away the winter blues at Delavan Lanes.
    Delavan Lanes is open daily, with specials & fun night events! Tuesday nights are $1 bowling ($1/person per game, $1/shoes), and Fridays are $5 Fridays ($5/pizza, $5/bowling).  They also offer cosmic bowling every Friday night!
    Cost: $1/person on Tuesdays.

    Delavan Lanes – bowling
  12. Explore the outdoors, by snowshoeing at one of the local parks or trails.
    Winter doesn’t have to mean you spend all day indoors – Walworth County has many great trails and parks that allow snowshoeing.  Clear Water Outdoor, Fontana Paddle Co, Lake Lawn Resort, Backyard Bike & Ski Shop, and Grand Geneva all offer snowshoe rentals (resort rentals are for on-property only).
    Rental Cost: varies – $5 and up.  Check with park/trail for any usage fees.

    Clear Water Outdoor – snowshoeing
  13. Catch a performance of “Thomas & Friends: A Holiday Adventure” at Grand Geneva.
    This kid-friendly show is interactive and fun for kids of all ages!  Enjoy Treats with Thomas (includes a cookie and show for each person) on select dates: December 19-24, 26-28.
    Cost: $10/child, $15/adult.  Breakfast & show is another option on select dates, for an additional cost.

    Thomas and Friends: A Holiday Adventure
  14. Burn off that energy with a day pass to Lake Geneva’s YMCA.
    You don’t have to be a member of the Lake Geneva YMCA to enjoy their facilities – just get a day pass!  With an aquatic center, wellness center, game & activity room, basketball gyms & racquetball courts, there is plenty of activities happening daily at the YMCA.
    Cost: $5/student or child, $9/adult.

    Lake Geneva YMCA
  15. Grab some poles & skis, and cross-country ski your way across Walworth County.
    There are trails and parks throughout the county that allow cross-country skiing – some are even free to access!  Plus, rentals are available at local businesses, including Backyard Bikes, Grand Geneva Resort, and Lake Lawn Resort (resort rentals are for on-property only).
    Rental Cost: varies – $5-$15

    Cross country skiing




We want to hear from you – are there any local winter activities we didn’t include? Comment below!

Visiting Walworth County? Get ON the water!

If you’re visiting Walworth County, it’s practically a guarantee that you will see one of the many beautiful lakes that make the Lake Geneva area a tourist destination for thousands every year!  Just gazing over the sparkling waters can be provide a great backdrop for your romantic dinner, or early morning walk…but the BEST way to experience the lake is to GET ON THE WATER!

LGACVB Lady of the Lake Paddleboat

There are many great options for getting on the water – including boat tours with Lake Geneva Cruise Line on Geneva Lake or with Lake Lawn Resort’s marina on Delavan Lake.  For those looking to steer their own vessel, check out your options below:

Kayaking & Paddleboards

Delavan Paddle Sports | Lake Comus
109 Waterworks Drive, Delavan
Delavan Paddle Sports offers kayak and paddleboard rentals for Lake Comus, a natural wonderland in the heart of the city of Delavan. Lake Comus is located a few blocks from historic downtown Delavan. Come and experience this natural wonderland on one of our rental kayaks or paddleboards. Our boats and paddleboards are easy to use and our staff will provide you with the instruction necessary for an enjoyable experience on the lake.
Cost: $25 for 2 hours

Lake Lawn Resort Marina | Delavan Lake
2400 E. Geneva Street, Delavan
It’s time to get up close and personal with Delavan Lake. We offer a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing better than spending a beautiful summer day on the lake. Whether fishing, swimming, cruising, or just spending quality time with friends and family, we have everything to make your family vacation a memorable one. Call them today rent pontoons, wave runners, kayaks, paddleboards, and more.
Cost: $25/hour (paddleboard, $30/hour (kayak)

Fontana Paddle Company | Geneva Lake & Lake Como
454 Lake Street, Fontana
We have the best spot to paddle on the western shore of Lake Geneva in the quaint village of Fontana. Launch right from our dock! We offer a large selection of kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards and rowing skiffs for rent or purchase. Fun outings and classes such as SUP Yoga, SUPFit, Glow Tours, Guided Tours, Halau SUP Tribe Gatherings. Our 10-use passes, and paddlesport membership offer great value to frequent paddlers. Custom group outings are available. Delivery of rental products is available in Lake Geneva area. Rentals and programs are offered 7 days a week, 8am-7pm Memorial Day through Labor Day. The retail store is open year-round.
Cost: $35/2 hours

Gordy’s Lakefront Marine | Geneva Lake
320 Lake Street, Fontana
Gordy’s Pro Shop offers HyperLite & CWB wakeboards, HO & Connelly water skis and a variety of recreational tubes – for purchase or for rental.  They also now offer stand up paddle boarding (SUP) at Gordy’s!  Rentals include one Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board & paddle. You can choose from a variety of boards and will be given paddling and safety instructions. Boards are available to rent May 1-Sept 30, 7 days a week, during business hours and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.
Cost: $40/2 hours

Clear Water Outdoor | Geneva Lake
744 W. Main Street, Lake Geneva
Clear Water Outdoor provides you with the highest quality outdoor and lifestyle clothes and gear for your kayaking, hiking, yoga, running, camping, skiing, walking, cycling and traveling adventures. Come visit us in Lake Geneva or online at  Also, rent a  kayak, stand up paddle board, or canoe at Clear Water Outdoor. Instruction and guided tours available.
Cost: $40/2 hours

Fontana Paddle Company 2

Speedboats, Pontoon Boats, Wave Runners

Lake Lawn Resort Marina | Delavan Lake
2400 E. Geneva Street, Delavan
It’s time to get up close and personal with Delavan Lake. We offer a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing better than spending a beautiful summer day on the lake. Whether fishing, swimming, cruising, or just spending quality time with friends and family, we have everything to make your family vacation a memorable one. Call them today rent pontoons, wave runners, kayaks, paddleboards, and more.
Cost: Speedboats starting at $140/hour.  Pontoon boats starting at $90/hour.  Waverunners starting at $110/hour.

Gordy’s Lakefront Marine | Geneva Lake
320 Lake Street, Fontana
Gordy’s “Speedboat Rentals” was established by Gordon Whowell and his family in 1955. Not only do we still rent boats today but we offer the finest fleet of rental boats on Lake Geneva. We proudly and exclusively rent Cobalt Boats – the best built runabout boats in the world. Whether you want to take the kids skiing, boarding, or tubing, or just want to cruise the shoreline and check out the beautiful lake homes the Gordy’s Rental Team is here to help. Let us help you enjoy Geneva Lake the way it is meant to be enjoyed…on the water!
PLUS: Gordy’s offers Ski/Wakeboard School, where their trained staff will take you out and “teach you the ropes.”
Cost: Speedboats starting at $129/hour.  Water Sports Equipment also available for rent.  

Marina Bay Boat Rentals | Geneva Lake
300 Wrigley Drive, Lake Geneva
Lake Geneav’s largest family watersports center, Marina Bay Boat Rentals is located in downtown Lake Geneva across from the Best Western Harbor Shores Resort Hotel. Speedboats, pontoon boats, ski boats, tubing/skiing and wave runners are available for rental. Private charters are also available. Open May through September 7 days a week.
Cost: Speedboats starting at $110/hour.  Pontoon boats starting at $260/2 hours.  Waverunners starting at $110/hour

Jerry’s Marine | Geneva Lake
453 Madison Street, Walworth
Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the Geneva Lake area, and Jerry’s Marine offers the most extensive array of on-the-water fun! If you are looking to either rent or buy a watercraft, Jerry’s Marine can meet your needs. Waterfront rental locations – Fontana lakefront on Chuck’s Pier, Interlaken Resort, and The Abbey Resort – feature Yamaha XL waverunners, JC pontoon boats, and parasail rides.
For a fantastic bird’s eye view of Geneva Lake, come to Jerry’s Marine for an unforgettable parasail ride. We offer single and tandem rides aboard our specially designed 32′ Ocean Pro yacht. No skill is necessary, and all takeoffs and landings are smooth and dry from the flight deck of our parasail winch boat. Experience the thrill of flying like an eagle and floating like a butterfly while viewing the Geneva Lake area from high in the air.
Cost: Pontoon boats starting at $120/hour (plus gas).  Waverunners starting at $90/30 minutes.  Parasail rides starting at $75/person.


Now get out there & enjoy the rest of summer in Walworth County!