Greetings From Home: 24 Tips for A Self-Isolation Staycation

With COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, many of our spring break travel plans have been significantly altered, postponed, or even cancelled. Now is the time to hunker down and stay home, but that doesn’t mean we cannot have fun while doing so.  Let’s pack our bags and head to our living rooms as we travel to the most exciting and relaxing travel destination yet: our own homes.

Turn your self-isolation into a relaxing staycation with these 24 ideas to help plan the perfect weekend at home:

  1. Turn Off Your Notifications: 1_eFE7UN1pFIUh-yb_bzS22w.jpgDo still check in on family and friends, but treat this time as you would a real vacation and take a break.
  2. Limit Your News Intake: Checking in once or twice a day is encouraged, however limit your news intake to really sink in to your surroundings and relax.
  3. Hide Clocks: Vacation time is vacation time, nuff said.
  4. Put Away Your Weekend To-Do List: This is your time to get away from everyday life, try and limit your housework to absolute necessity.
  5. Have It Delivered: Be it groceries or dinner, order in for the fullest vacation experience. Living room service, anyone?
  6. Pop On a Vacation Playlist: dancing-home-alone.jpgPlay all your favorite feel good jams, or pop on some music from your favorite far off locale to really set the mood.  May we suggest our Social Distance Dance Party playlist on Spotify.
  7. Relax Fireside: Light up your evenings with a small fire in your backyard fire pit or stack a small bonfire.
  8. Set the Mood With Scent: Dig out that candle that smells just like summer days on the lake, or the fresh fallen snow at your favorite ski resort to transform your home into that destination you’re dreaming of.
  9. Binge on a Good Book: pv_web.jpgNestle in with a good book (or ten). If you’ve been meaning to get around to that stack of books on your shelf, now is the time.  Reading is totally a vacation activity, we promise.
  10. Camp Out In Your Backyard:  Even when you can’t get away for a wilderness exploration, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the great outdoors right in your backyard.
  11. Host Your Own Film Festival: Being at home leaves a lot of extra time on your hands. Host a film festival from your own couch.  Screen your favorite series, binge on your all-time favorites, or enjoy new films you’ve never seen before.  Pop some popcorn and don’t even think about changing out of your pj’s.
  12. Have a Spa Day: Every staycationer deserves a spa day. Pamper yourself with a face mask, a mani-pedi, and a DIY body scrub.  Grab a tennis ball and give yourself a deep tissue massage at home.  Don’t forget to use your fluffiest towels and to set the mood with a relaxing lavender candle
  13. Host a Yoga Retreat in Your Living Room: Recreate your favorite parts of your last yoga retreat without even leaving your living room. Infuse some ice water with cirtrus and cucumber slices, unroll your mat, turn on some online yoga tutorials (we suggest Yoga Hohm’s), and spend plenty of time in child’s pose.  Take this time to reacquaint yourself with your inner zen.
  14. Have a Nightly Turndown Service: turndown-attendant.jpgOn your next outing to the grocery store, pick up some fancy chocolates. Have a different family member fold back the blankets, smooth the sheets, and leave a sweet or two on each pillow for the five star resort feeling.
  15. Hike a New Trail: Vacations are all about exploring new places. And while this might be a staycation, there are always new places to explore.  If you’ve been hiking the same trail lately, try hiking a new trail in a different part of the county.  Get outside and enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery on your staycation.
  16. Dine Al-fresco: The weather is finally turning and the days are getting warmer. Enjoy your meal vacation style: outdoors.  Something about eating outside really ramps up the luxury factor and is something we love about staycations.
  17. Eat Breakfast In Bed: Eating breakfast in bed is the height of luxury, and we highly recommend it on your staycation.
  18. Mobile Sightseeing: See the sights of your local locale by car. Take a scenic drive around the lake, farmlands, and beyond and check out parts of the county you’ve never even seen before.  If you are “traveling” with kiddos, we suggest exploring with the Delavan Walldog Mural Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win some fun prizes while enjoying the town.
  19. Have a Drink With Lunch: georgia-peach-smash-cocktail-14.jpgNothing says vacation like having an adult beverage with lunch! Check out some inspiration for fresh and bright spring drinks here. Cheers!
  20. Take a Leisurely Bike Ride: Take a trip around the neighborhood, down the path, and across town to see your hometown from a new perspective.
  21. Take a Scenic Drive: Skip the interstate and enjoy the scenic routes. Enjoy several of Walworth County’s beautiful rustic roads and sightsee in your hometown.
  22. Hold a Family Game Night: Bring the whole family together for an evening of friendly competition. Bust out your favorite board games and deal out the deck of cards for an evening of togetherness.
  23. Build a Pillow Fort: Gather your favorite blankets, pillows, and cozy accoutrements to build the ultimate pillow fort. Watch movies and snuggle in a vacation destination unlike any other.
  24. Send Postcards From Your Staycation: image-asset.jpgCreate postcards or write letters to friends in family. Receiving a handwritten note can brighten anyone’s day, especially in this difficult time.



Which of these ideas will you be using to plan your staycation at home? Let us know in the comments below! We hope your self-isolation staycation is relaxing, rejuvenating, and a welcome break from everyday life.


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