Six Ways to Support Small Business From a Social Distance

As we all prepare for COVID-19 through social distancing and other precautionary measures, keep in mind that there are still ways to have fun and stay healthy in Walworth County while also supporting our local businesses. Check out our top six ways to make the most of this time, while practicing safety and mindfulness:

1. Order deliveryTakeout and Delivery From Local Restaurants: Many restaurants have had to shut their doors to dine in patrons but continue to offer carryout and delivery options! Many of our favorite local restaurants such as The Black Sheep, East Troy Brewery, and Gino’s East amongst so many others are now offering takeout and curbside delivery options.  We give you full permission to order out tonight!

2. Tip Extra: With fewer customers visiting restaurants, wait staff, delivery drivers, and even owners are experiencing a shift in their pay. If you can afford it, try to tip generously to help front-line hospitality staff through this difficult time.


3. Purchase Gift Certificates: giftcardHelp your favorite boutique now, and shop later! Even better? Buy online gift cards and email them to friends for a small pick-me-up. It’ll be a little something to look forward to when all the craziness dies down again. Pick one up online or or in person! (pssst…we really like the Cornerstone Shop).

4. Shop Online: jayneSwap out your amazon order for something a little more local.  It’s a great way to shop small and practice social distancing. So take a few minutes and treat yourself to something nice from your favorite small business or even order groceries.  JAYNE is featuring 20% off new merchandise with the code EARLYSPRINGSALE and River Valley Ranch just launched their online store.

5. Buy Groceries From Local Grocers: Shopping at smaller grocery stores allows you to get locally sourced ingredients while supporting your community! Lake Geneva Country Meats is offering call-in orders with curbside pick-up for all of your protein needs. While you’re at it, check out their website for recipes to try something new.


6. Say Thank You: A little bit of Kindness can go a long way.  Whether it’s with a co-worker over a webinar or a text to your delivery driver, take the few extra seconds out of your day to say “thank you”.  It can make a world of difference.


Be safe out there everyone and don’t forget to shop #shopsmall!

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