It’s Time for the Farmers’ Markets!

Fresh, locally grown produce – fruits, veggies, jams, honey, flowers, etc. – it’s time for the farmers’ markets! With no disrespect to the produce department at my grocery store, this is the time of year I look forward to with being able to go weekly to the area farmers’ markets and having my pick of goodies. For some reason, I find myself being more creative with my cooking when I’ve got the variety available of fresh, locally grown produce. Being vegan, that’s a good thing, and it even has me trying veggies I might not normally give even a glance to at the grocery store, like Brussels sprouts.

Anyway, you don’t care about my eating habits, so let’s get right to where to find all these wonderful goodies! Personally, I’m thinking of planning out a weekly schedule of how many I can get to since there are choices for any and every day of the week, and in just about every community in Walworth County!

Bon appetit!

Farmers' Markets 2018


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