Here’s a Twist on New Year’s Resolutions!

Time lost not regained

So I could do a New Year’s Resolution blog with the usual things like ‘drink more water’, ‘cut back on caffeine’, ‘walk more’, ‘learn to say no’, and ‘track your spending’,  or even the alternative, with things like ‘create a bucket list for your birthday’, ‘take on a 365-day project’, and ‘follow a monthly 30-day challenge’. Instead, how about something like this – pick one place in Walworth County for each month of 2018 that you’ve never been to and go there. With so much to do in Walworth County, you’ll find more than one place per month, so be an overachiever! The key is to get out and do it!

Here’s my list – and coming from someone that calls Walworth County home (until I win the lottery and buy an island where the ‘white stuff’ is sand…), we always figure that since it’s out our back door, we can do it tomorrow or later or some other time, but then of course we find ourselves not having done it all. Don’t let 2018 come and go with the same excuses of there being plenty of time.

January – Go snowshoe hiking at Big Foot Beach State Park, Lake Geneva (Once the temperatures aren’t such that I’ll be a human icicle.)

February – Take a cooking class at The Black Sheep, Whitewater (Such a great variety, but I’m going for the sweets and baking class, of course!)

March – Join ‘Judge a Book Between the Wines’ at The Bottle Shop, Lake Geneva (Wine, books, yes!)

April – Hang with friends at Speakeasy at Maxwell Mansion, Lake Geneva (Who is with me and what’s the password?)

May – Go to Magic Morgan’s Little Magic Theatre, Lake Geneva, and raise my hand if he asks for a volunteer (Maybe I’ll get to learn a secret or two!)

June – Walk the entire Lakeshore Path around Geneva Lake, Lake Geneva (Yep, the entire path…)

July – Attend an Open Tree Climb event at House in the Wood, Delavan (Climbed trees as a kid all the time!)

August – Look through the 40-inch telescope at Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay (Is it inappropriate to sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’?)

September – Ride on the East Troy Electric Railroad, East Troy, to the Autumn Harvest Festival at Elegant Farmer (Bring on the ‘pie in a bag’!)

October – Conquer my fear of heights at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, Lake Geneva (Hoping the beautiful fall colors are a distraction!)

November – Attend an Open Mic at Delavan Lake Store, Delavan, and actually perform a song (I hear friends laughing and cringing right now at the thought.)

December – Take the Santa Cruise with Lake Geneva Cruise Line, Williams Bay (Probably the only time I’ll hear my name read from the ‘nice’ list.)


These are only a few ideas from the plethora of things to do in Walworth County.
What will your monthly activity list look like?

For more ideas, go to




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