Member Monday: Atrium Senior Living of Williams Bay at Sherwood Lodge

Choosing a senior living facility for yourself or someone you love can feel like a daunting task. Knowing what questions to ask, and where to begin looking for the right facility can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Walworth County is home to many facilities that offer a wide array of care and services. Today we talked with Jessica J. from Atrium Senior Living. Read on for an inside look into this senior living organization, located in Williams Bay.

Q: Please tell us a little about Atrium Senior Living.
A: Atrium Health and Senior Living strives to be an industry leader and to create healing environments with clinical programs that are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our residents and patients. We value our team members at all levels of the organization and our goal is to create a family-like atmosphere that is motivating and rewarding. We enhance the lives of our residents and patients through our unwavering dedication to leading the health care industry in supporting every stage of senior life. Our innovative spirit and commitment to caring for the lives and well-being of our residents and patients will help them achieve greater independence, comfort and more fulfilling lives.


Q: What type of services does Atrium Senior Living provide?
A:  Our Senior Living program provides permanent housing for seniors and others requesting some level of assistance or oversight that provides the comforts of home with added services such as nursing care, housekeeping, personal care amenities, fitness and wellness programs, social activities, courtesy transportation and prepared meals.  The team members in our communities provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living, coordination of services by outside health care providers and monitoring of resident activities to help to ensure their health, safety and well-being. Assistance may also include the administration or supervision of medication and personal care services provided by our trained staff.

Q: Who is the average age of your residents?
A: We have residents ranging in age from 70 – 96.  Our average age is approximately 85.

Q: What is your favorite part of being involved with Atrium Senior Living?
A: Having a positive impact on the lives of our residents is the most fulfilling part of working here.

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Q: What types of activities do you offer for residents to participate in?
A: We often have frequent bingo games, various entertainers, shopping trips, movies, hand therapy, arts and crafts, ice cream socials and many more exciting activities.

Q: Does Atrium Senior Living offer both Assisted Living and Nursing Home care?
A: Atrium Senior Living has an assisted living facility that is attached, yet separate, from a skilled nursing home facility.  This aspect is unique in that if a resident at the assisted living facility declines in health, the transition to our skilled nursing home facility is familiar and much easier for the resident.

Q: What kind, if any, of Respite Care is offered?
A: Created with the caregiver in mind, our Post Acute Care and Senior Living centers offer Respite Care programs for those who care for loved ones an opportunity to take time away to relieve stress, restore their energy and regain balance in their daily lives. Caregivers feel peace of mind knowing that our compassionate team is focused on meeting their loved one’s medical and emotional needs. Guests receive expert supervision, medical care and have access to a restaurant-style dining room, entertainment room and a diverse array of planned outings.

1241392_3Q: What is the staff’s top priority for residents at Atrium Senior Living?
A: Our staff’s top priority is to ensure resident safety and to do everything in their power to help the residents sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Q: Does your facility offer private or shared rooms?
A: We have both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Q: What types of classes/events does Atrium Senior Living host?
A: We often partner with Mercy, the Walworth County ADRC and other entities throughout the area to provide educational classes and community events.  We have hosted American Red Cross Blood Drives, Bone Density Scans, community meetings, weekly bridge clubs, historical club meetings and many more events.

Q: Is the general public invited to attend the educational sessions that Atrium Senior Living offers?
A: Most of our events are open for the community to attend.  We love bringing the community into our lovely facility!

Q: Are there fees to participate in these classes/events?
A: Most of our classes and events are free.  There are a few that have had a small fee to attend.

Q: Is Atrium Senior Living ever in need of volunteers? If so, how would one become involved in volunteering at your facility? What requirements must an interested individual meet?
A: We are always open to having someone come in and help if they would like.  Volunteer opportunities would be considered on a needs basis.  Please call us if you are interested!

For more information on Atrium Senior Living in Williams Bay at Sherwood Lodge, please visit their website.


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