Shop Local Saturday: E Street Denim

EStreet_18If you love fashion and wish you could find all of the latest denim trends right here in your own backyard, then you’re in luck! E Street Denim in downtown Lake Geneva has everything you need to wear in the “denim lifestyle.” When we stopped by the store was busy with customers, yet the E Street team member on duty was sure to greet us with a smile and offered to help us find the right fashion to suit our styles. After browsing through the store, we had a little one-on-one with the store owner to get the dish on E Street Denim.

Q: How was the name chosen for the shop?
E Street was the result me not wanting my personal name on the door and not wanting to tie the store to the street in Chicago when/where the store originated. So no E Street in disguise.

Q: What makes E Street Denim unique?
Our focus is always based on the most worn piece of clothing ever created. From basic to fashion, up and down we base the wear on denim.

EStreet_17Q: What kind of items can we find in your store?
All things that you would wear in the “denim lifestyle.” Chucks to sweet and sexy!

Q: If someone would like to visit E Street Denim, is there anything they should know before coming?
Open your mind! Forget the hype! It’s really just a great pair of pants.

EStreet_12Q: What is the “must have” item from your store?
Whatever makes you feel great!

Q: What is your favorite part about being a local business in southeastern Wisconsin?
Simplicity. Community. Surprise that a company with a world reputation exists here where it’s roots lie!

EStreet_20Q: What is YOUR personal favorite item from the store?
As the owner, my favorite item in the store is an “11 year of denim” shirt from Lucky.

Q: Are there any events/specials coming up at E Street Denim?
We are always involved locally, support Autism, and soon Vets!

Q: Do you offer shipping? Can people order online?
We will ship anywhere. We are not online, but are in negotiation with a company to expand there with all our stores; E Street Denim, Bloomingbyrds,  and ShoShoo.

EStreet_08Q: Do you offer gift wrapping for holidays or other occasions?

Q: Where can we find E Street Denim, and what are the shop hours?
Main Street in Lake Geneva, also on Facebook, and Instagram (@estreet_lg). We are open 7 days a week. The store is only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You want to go and purchase denim from E Street now, don’t you? Well, so do we. Maybe we’ll bump into each other while we shop. Until then, happy shopping and happy Shop Local Saturday!

To learn more about all the fabulous local shopping right here in Walworth County, visit our website.


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