Pampering in Walworth County: Jasmine Salon & Spa

They say that a trip to the spa is supposed to be an indulgence, and that for the best possible experience you should make a day of it. Well that’s just what I did at Jasmine Salon & Spa in Lake Geneva, and oh, what a luscious experience!

jasmine-2It was a typical Wisconsin winter day when I visited Jasmine, complete with a snowstorm (literally). The instant I walked through Jasmine’s door, the cold, dreary, snowy day was forgotten. I was greeted by a lovely miss named Amanda, whom I later found out was going to be one of the gals pampering me during my visit.

After Amanda took my coat and offered me something warm to drink, she gave me a questionnaire to fill out regarding my overall health and beauty regimens. Once I had the form completed, we discussed some of the answers together, which helped Amanda decide on the right products to use with my treatment, which was the 60-minute Elemental Nature Facial. This is the most commonly requested facial at Jasmine because of its customizable elements.

Never having been to Jasmine before, I took in the surroundings as Amanda walked me upstairs to my treatment room. Jasmine Salon & Spa is in a quaint historic Victorian house built in 1880 with striking original woodwork. The walls were painted in warm tones of yellows, oranges and browns. The entire salon and spa is very inviting and welcoming, from the staff to the décor. The treatment room where I was to have my facial was decorated in hues of orange-browns that provoked a sense of welcoming energy and positivity. There was soothing music playing ever so slightly in the background and candles lit just enough of the room for me to see things well, but still be soothing.

I was invited to place my things on a stunning vintage dresser in the room, complete with a basket to place my jewelry so it didn’t get misplaced or forgotten after my facial. Before I changed into the massage robe, Amanda started with an Aveda foot ritual, which included cleansing of the feet with hot towels, as she briefly discussed the facial process to me. Much to my surprise and delight, the facial also included a massage of my neck, shoulders, feet, arms and hands. Jasmine exclusively uses Aveda products, so we discussed my options, and once the choices had been made I changed into the massage robe, got comfortable on the massage table, and waited for Amanda’s return.

JasmineSalonSpa2She began the facial by cleansing the skin and applying an exfoliation mask. As the mask was sitting, she performed a delightful hand and arm massage. After the mask had set, Amanda removed it, cleaned the pores of my face, and followed with more blissful massage work on my neck and shoulders. She then did another treatment mask and a heavenly foot massage as the mask set. After the second mask was removed, she applied toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and lip treatment to my face, and ended with a relaxing scalp massage. Needless to say, I didn’t want to get off of that table when she was finished. I was so relaxed that I could have melted right into the table.

JasmineSalonSpa1Amanda somehow peeled me up from the table, had me get dressed, and introduced me to my next pampering specialist at Jasmine Salon & Spa: Jessie.

jasmine-9Jessie was tasked with pampering my feet and attempting to tame my oh-so-out-of-control hair. Impressively, she did both like a pro. Walking into the mani/pedi room was like stepping into a slice of the Caribbean. The room was painted in beautiful blue and green hues that exalted peace, relaxation and harmony. There was a little “cabana” table for manicures, and tropical-inspired décor added little touches of luxury throughout the room. As I slipped onto the pedi chair, Jessie brought me a warm cup of Aveda tea to help me maintain the state of relaxation that Amanda had left me in. While Jessie pampered my feet with Aveda foot soak, cuticle and nail trimming, and more heavenly massaging, we chatted about polish colors, hair colors and styles, living in the Lake Geneva area, our favorite places to go, hobbies…you name it. She made me feel like we had known each other for years, even though we had just been introduced. I couldn’t decide on a single polish color, so Jessie got creative with my toes and painted a color pattern on them using colors from the new Spa Rituals spring collection. My toes were so fun I hated to have to stuff them back into shoes to return to the cold tundra of a Wisconsin winter.

After the pedi, Jessie was ready to tackle the next pampering session with me…my hair. Now, for the average person this might not seem like a big deal. However, I was one of those kids who grew up with my mom attempting to cut my hair even though she had zero experience as a hair stylist. Over the years I’ve had more than my share of bad hair cuts (a stylist once gave me a mullet…I know, I know…), and hair color can be a tricky thing. The thought of trying a new stylist was a bit intimidating to me, to say the least. Jessie put my mind to ease in no time.

JasmineSalonSpa3Before she got started on my hair, Jessie and I talked about colors and styles. She presented me with several color samples based on the suggestions that I gave her. I wasn’t completely positive of what I wanted, so Jessie consulted with another stylist, Melody, for further color input. I decided it was best to leave the final decision up to them, since they are the professionals that work with hair everyday. Jessie and I looked through photos for style inspiration, and once we made the final call, she got to work. We chatted away through the entire process of Jessie putting the Aveda color in my hair. Once the color was fully applied, Jessie tidied up her workspace and got things ready for the shampoo and cut. She shampooed my hair with some delightfully scented Aveda product, and while the conditioner sat for a few minutes she did an Aveda eye treatment on my eyes (seriously, the pampering never stops here!).

Once my hair was ready for the cut Jessie went to it very delicately, as to be certain that she didn’t cut too much off. She said that she’d rather have to cut more off, then to have me disappointed that she took too much off initially. After the cut she blew my hair dry, styled it and had me ready for a night on the town (too bad I didn’t have plans that night, because my hair looked fabulous)!

Needless to say, my experience at Jasmine Salon & Spa was one of pampering, relaxation, and professionalism. I only had a small taste of what Jasmine has to offer, but I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to try other services from them in the future. If you’d like to learn more about Jasmine Salon & Spa, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.






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