Shop Local Saturday: Lake Geneva Cannery

Join us every Saturday as we feature a store in the Lake Geneva area!  Get the scoop behind the unique shops throughout Walworth County, and find out what makes them stand above the rest.

This week, we interviewed Julie from Lake Geneva Cannery in downtown Lake Geneva. This little gem of a store is unique to our area, as it features a HUGE variety of canned goods – and hundreds of hot sauces!  Their wall of hot sauce is quite impressive – you must see it in person!  They offer samples daily, and did you know they have their own bee hives for honey sold in-store?!  Read more about this great store below…

SLS lg cannery med

Q:  How did your store get its start? 
A:  This store was my retirement project.  I thought it would be fun to open a store in Lake Geneva.  I love cooking and canning old fashioned pickles, jams and jellies, salad dressings, salsas, dips, fruit butters, etc.

Q:  How did you choose the name for your store?
A:  I love fishing and boating on Lake Geneva so I thought it would be fun to name the store after the town and lake I loved.  We really had fun with the logo as my friend Neal designed it.  The pictures of the canned pickles and peppers was colorful and old fashioned.


Q:  How long has Lake Geneva Cannery been open?
A:  This will be our third year.

Q:  What kind of items can we find in your store?
A:  Hot sauces, Jams, Jellies, BBQ sauces, Pickles, Olives, Pickled Peppers, Fruit Butters, Honey (in season from our own hives), salad dressings, rubs, seasonings, coffee, nuts and candles.

Q:  Which food is the “must have” at your store? 
A:  Our Apple Hickory BBQ Sauce, Strawberry Rhubarb Butter, Sweet Bourbon Glaze or Slap Your Momma Hot Sauce.  Those are our top sellers.

Q:  What is your personal favorite item from the store?
A:  My personal favorite is our line of new candles.  They are from Kentucky and all food related.  They smell wonderful.  I just got tired of the same old candle smells you can buy up north here and was on vacation and found this line.  They are exceptional!


Q:  What sets you apart from the competition?
A:  Really there are no other stores in town that sell anything like we do.  We are unique because we have lots of samples out daily.  It allows our customers to taste the items before they buy.  Something you can’t do in a regular specialty grocery store.  That way they know what they are buying and what quality food tastes like.  No artificial flavors, colors or sweetners in our food.  Everything is made from whole foods.  We chop and process everything by hand.

Q:  What is your favorite part about being a local business in Lake Geneva?
A:  I enjoy sharing the foods with people.  The reactions from them when they say, “Oh this tastes just like the foods we ate when we were kids.”, It makes it worthwhile.  No one realizes how much time it takes to hand process food, unless you are a person that had made canned goods at home.  It is very time consuming and a labor of love.  So when someone really appreciates it all the trouble you go through it’s all worth it.

Q:  Any events/specials coming up?
A:  We offer samples daily.  so come in and taste the goodness of real hand made foods. (yum!)

Q:  If someone would like to visit your store, what should they know before coming?
A:  Come to our store with an open mind and willing to try some new foods.

Q:  Do you offer gift wrapping?
A:  We make custom gift baskets for any occasion.  We can put a basket together for any budget and ship it right to their door.  Our baskets are very popular for birthdays, holidays and house warming presents.

Q:  Do you ship, and can people order from your store online?
A:  Yes we are happy to ship and will do so in Flat Rate Boxes.  Jarred goods are very heavy so shipping by weight can get expensive.  This way they can buy what they want and it costs less than adding it to their suitcases if they are flying. No extra baggage and it’s there when they get home.  We also have online ordering on our website.

Q:  Where (and when) can we find Lake Geneva Cannery?
A:  We are at 120 Broad St, 1/2 a block north of the Rivera Boat Docks.  We are open 7 days a week.  We open at 10AM.  How late we stay depends on the weather.  So best to call the store for the daily closing time: (262) 729-4017.


Thanks for reading…check back here every Saturday for a NEW “Shop Local Saturday” post, featuring businesses right here in the Lake Geneva area!


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