A Proposal to Top All Proposals: 5 Unique Engagement Spots in the Lake Geneva Area

Every engagement story is special – there’s no denying that.  Whether it’s a simple at-home proposal or written in the sky with a plane, that moment has sentimental value to every couple.  That being said…we’ve looked all around our beautiful area and come up with a sampling (five) of the most unique places/ways to propose in the Lake Geneva area!

5 Unique Proposals

  1. Zip lining at the Lake Geneva Canopy Tours.
    For the adventurous couple, this is a great place to get engaged (just don’t drop the ring)!  How cool would it be to zip their eight zip lines and reach that final platform at sunset, only to find a romantic spot all set up, complete with a proposal on one knee?!
  2. From the tower at Allyn Mansion Bed & Breakfast.
    This historic mansion just reopened in downtown Delavan as a bed & breakfast, and it is beautiful inside and out!  The bed & breakfast owners are hoping to add a new option (exclusive for inn guests) of dining/champagne in their tower.  The tower is accessible from a room on their third floor, with a winding staircase leading the way.  The view from this tower is unbeatable – and would be especially great in the autumn.
    Allyn Mansion 2 (1)
  3. In a hot air balloon with Lake Geneva Balloon Company.
    Take in the gorgeous landscape of the Lake Geneva area in this scenic hot air balloon ride.  Their champagne flight is especially perfect for a proposal, as it allows for “plenty of celebration.”  Their balloon flights occur at sunrise or sunset…either time will provide for a memorable view!
  4. On a private boat ride for two with Lake Geneva Cruise Line.
    In addition to scenic public cruises around the lake, the Lake Geneva Cruise Line offers intimate parties & boat rentals aboard a number of their boats.  We especially love the Lorelei, a 41′ cabin cruiser.  This wooden beauty is great for a romantic cruise for two along the shores of Geneva Lake.  Make a stop at one of the local beaches or restaurants and make an entire evening out of it!
    Chris engagement
  5. Along the shore path on Geneva Lake.
    This option is free to everyone and unique to the area, as there isn’t another full-lake shore path like it in the United States!  There are many scenic spots along the path for visitors to stop for a picnic.  While you’re enjoying the view, pop the question!

DSC_7725edit (1)


We’d love to hear from you…do you know of a great place to propose?  Let us know in the comments section!


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