Elkhorn Antique Flea Market: The Antique Lover’s Paradise

The Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is one of the largest flea markets in Wisconsin – and one of Wisconsin’s finest!  This year marks their 33rd season, and NL Promotions (the organizing company) is looking forward to many more great years.  This weekend is one of their four dates in 2014 – and we are so excited to attend!

UPDATE (4/24/15):  If you’re looking for the 2015 dates, look no further!  The 2015 show dates are May 17, June 28, August 9, and September 27.

Antique Flea Market 1

Each year, the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market has four open dates.  The remaining dates in 2014 are August 10 (this Sunday) and September 28.  In 2015, join us at the market on May 17, June 28, August 9, and September 27.


The Antique Flea Market is located at the Walworth County Fairgrounds (411 E. Court St, Elkhorn, WI), and features free parking.  There is a $5 admission charge at the gate – but it’s well worth the price!  They open at 7:00 am and are open rain OR shine.  The Antique Flea Market features 500+ indoor and outdoor dealers, in addition to great food and paved walkways.  No pets are allowed though – so leave Fido at home for this market!



Looking for advice on the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market??

We recently asked our social media followers to give us some advice for anyone attending the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market for the first time – and the responses were amazing!  We’ve shared some of our favorites below.

  • “Bring cash – preferably in small bills”
    This is great advice because most vendors do not accept credit cards or personal checks (though some may!).  For those who do not bring cash (or don’t bring enough)…there is an ATM on-site, located in the garage near the main entrance.
  • “Wear comfortable shoes”
    The vendors are spread out throughout the entire fairgrounds.  With over 500 vendors, you are bound to do a lot of walking so it’s best to dress comfortably!
  • “Don’t be afraid to negotiate or haggle on price”
    As one Facebook fan (thanks Valerie P.) pointed out, “Asking price isn’t always final price. Its ok to say I really like this but will you be willing to take xxx instead? Even if you get a dollar off on items you buy, it gives you a chance to support another person/another family. Remember your helping out someone who has a family to feed so feel good about buying from them!”
  • “Arrive early”
    The entire market opens at 7:00 am – so if you want to make a whole day of it, get there first thing in the morning!  This allows you to go through at your own pace, and you can look through the treasures before it gets too crowded – allowing you to find that perfect piece!
  • “Don’t be afraid of the rain”
    You can still find great deals in the rain.  The market stays open during rain or shine, and not as many people will come out during the rain – which leaves more great finds for you.
  • If you like it, buy it now”
    Too many people have passed up that great deal because they wanted to ‘think about it’ or see if they could find it at another price.  Sometimes that may work out – but not likely.  If you see something you really want, buy it right away, because it likely won’t be there when you return.  (I’ve found this one out the hard way!)
  • “Bring a large vehicle or truck”
    If you have a good day at the flea market, you may be wishing  you brought a bigger vehicle (or two) – especially if you’re looking at furniture!  Better safe than sorry.
  • “Bring a cart/wagon – and/or people to help carry items”
    The pros attending the flea market know the drill – you bring something to put all your treasures in, or else you will be making too many trips to the car!  If you have a family, that’s even better…they can carry stuff for you! (That’s what they’re for…right??)
  • “Be patient”
    This flea market is very popular – and therefore very busy.  Patience goes a long way in the crowds, so try to relax and just enjoy the day!
  • “Come later in the day for the best bargains”
    I know, I know…didn’t we just tell you to arrive early?  But one Facebook fan had a good point – if you arrive later in the day, you may get a great deal!  Vendors would rather sell than haul items home with them again.  So, while some items may be gone and picked over already, you could also get a really great deal by coming later!
  • “Wear sunscreen – or bring a hat”
    The weather for this weekend is looking positive – but warm.  In case of very sunny weather, it’s best to wear sunscreen or something to cover your head/face.
  • “Take your time and pace yourself”
    Think of the day as a marathon, not a sprint.  There is plenty to see at the flea market, and it’s easy to get carried away or overwhelmed…but days like these are meant to be relaxed and fun.  Peruse through the booths at your own pace – you never know what treasures could be hiding below the surface if you just look a little deeper!
  • “Bring any measurements for furniture”
    If you are looking for that ideal armoire or an antique china cabinet, make sure you know what size you are looking for!  You’d hate to pass over a fantastic piece because you’re not sure – or worse, get it all the home only to find it won’t even fit in your door!
  • “Ask questions about the items”
    Items at the flea market have fascinating stories and memories.  You’ll never know those stories unless you ask!
  • “Stay hydrated”
    There are great food (and beverage) vendors throughout the fairgrounds – don’t forget to patron them!  Of course, vending machines and bringing your own water is also an option.
  • “Bring a friend with to enjoy the day”
    Got a friend who loves flea markets?  Bring them along!  The day will be more enjoyable if you have someone to share it with – plus they can help carry things!
  • Most importantly….HAVE FUN!
    The Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is a true treasure to our county.  Even if you are not looking for something specific, it can be a blast just to walk around, people watch, and look through the antiques for sale.  You never know what you will find at the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market!



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