Fish Fry Fridays 2014: March 14

Join us every week this Lent as we feature local restaurants in a mini-series on our blog called “Fish Fry Fridays.”  Walworth County is full of great places to eat – some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t!  If you have a place you’d like us to feature, comment below or give us a call at (262) 728-6000.

This week’s Fish Fry Friday takes us to another three great restaurants…Pier 290 in Williams Bay, The Duck Inn in Delavan, and Sperino’s in Elkhorn.

First stop is Pier 290 – a new restaurant on the shores of Geneva Lake with a nautical feel & great views.

Pier 290
1 Liechty Drive, Williams Bay
(262) 245-2100

Pier 290 inside bar - Copy (2)

What does your fish fry include & what’s the cost?
Our fish fry is $18 per person and includes fried fresh lake perch, Gruyere & rosemary potato cake, chipotle slaw, salted rye bread, apple sauce, and tartar sauce. Everything is made in house, with care.
The fresh lake perch is from the Great Lakes and is beer battered & fried.

What’s your hours for fish fry?
The full fish fry is served every Friday 5:00pm – 10:00pm.
Fish & chips, with lake perch & homemade fries, is served every Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm.

What makes your restaurant different?
“All homemade down to the rye bread, tartar sauce and applesauce!”  Experience homemade at a whole new level at Pier 290!

Homemade fish it dinner time yet?!
Homemade fish fry…is it dinner time yet?!

For our next featured fish fry, we move a little north of Delavan (towards Whitewater) for an old-fashioned supper club serving up a traditional fish fry!

The Duck Inn
N6214 Wisconsin 89, Delavan
(608) 883-6988


What does your fish fry include & what’s the cost?
All-you-can-eat cod (beer battered or broiled) available for only $11.20.
We also serve mini-shrimp for $12.20, beer battered perch for $15.95, or beer battered smelt (all-you-can-eat) for $14.35.
All options come with a German vinaigrette cole slaw, rye bread, apple sauce, potato pancakes, and french fries.
Dinner can be served family style for large groups or per individual.

What’s your hours for fish fry?
Fridays only, 4:00pm – 10:00pm

"Duck In" for dinner tonight!
“Duck In” for dinner tonight!

Our last fish fry of the week brings up to the center of Walworth County; a long-standing tradition in Walworth County, Sperino’s has been bringing residents great food for years.

720 N Wisconsin Street, Elkhorn
(262) 723-2222

Sperino's (2)

What does your fish fry include & what’s the cost?
Carryout & delivery available 11:00am-10:00pm for $10.95 per person.
Dine in:  beginning at 4:00pm, we o

What’s your hours for fish fry?
We offer ‘All You Can Eat’ special for $11.95 per person, and this includes broasted or baked cod, mostaccioli, potato, coleslaw, and 3 pieces of Sperino’s garlic bread.
11:00am – 10:00pm every Friday (all year) for carryout and delivery.
4:00pm – 10:00pm every Friday (all year) for dine in.


As always, if you are looking for a full list of restaurants in the Lake Geneva area, check out our website.  Want to make a whole night (or weekend) out of it?  Check out our Events Calendar – karaoke, live bands, community festivals, and more in one convenient location!


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