Cut Your Own Christmas Tree in the Lake Geneva area

In a few years, this tree could be in my living room!

For my family, the day after Thanksgiving has never been about the latest gadgets, fighting the crowds at a store, or getting the best deal.  It is, however, all about braving the cold & snow to find that one perfect thing to complete the season….a  Christmas tree.  For over twenty years, my parents bundled up all the kids on the morning of Black Friday, and we piled into our family car to head out to that special farm – a farm full of memories, holiday spirit, and hope for the season to come.  My siblings and I would fight over who got to pick the tree this year, and we’d bring along extra gloves and scarves to mark the trees we liked best.  According to my parents, we would inevitably pick the tree furthest from where we parked our car – though this didn’t matter to us kids, as we weren’t the ones carrying it at the time!  Once our tree was tied to the car, we’d head home, sipping hot cocoa and singing Christmas carols all the way.

Now that I have grown, I still go with my family to that same farm, but now I pick out a tree with my husband for our own home.  It’s a tradition that we would never think of breaking, and one that I cannot wait to share with my own little family for years to come.  Every family has their holiday traditions, and I am so glad that my parents chose this as one of ours.  It doesn’t feel like the holidays in my home without the smell of pine needles (though I do have a new found appreciation for my mom & her tireless vacuuming & sweeping to avoid needles in your socks every day!).

The finished product!
The finished product!

If you are looking to start a tradition of cutting your own Christmas tree in your family – or just looking for a new tree farm – try one of these local tree farms in the Lake Geneva area.  All are open on weekends, but call first during the week.  For details on any of these farms or for a full list of Christmas tree farms in Wisconsin, visit, brought to you by the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association.

No matter how your family celebrates, we wish you a very happy holidays, from the Walworth County Visitors Bureau!
Christmas Tree Farms 2013


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