Taking to New Heights

One of the Walworth County Visitors Bureau staff recently had the opportunity to take a ride with Gypsy Air Tours in their vintage 1930 Waco Taperwing (bi-plane); read about her experience below!

If you had asked me just ten minutes before it happened, I would have told you that there was no way I’d be in the air…yet there I was, sitting in the open cockpit of this beautiful bi-plane as the pilot explained the instructions to me – hand signals, what to do during take off, don’t lean out the side, etc.  I wasn’t quite sure why I was doing this…Suddenly, we were racing down the runway and there was no turning back now!


The reason I was so hesitant was because I’m a nervous flyer – specifically during the take-off and landing.  Surprisingly though, once we started going up in the bi-plane, that was the last thought on my mind.  The view of the beautiful lakes below me and the feeling of the wind in my hair completely took my mind off the fear.  The view from up there?  Unbelievable!  I’ve flown before; I’ve even gone up in a helicopter.  So believe me when I say – there is nothing like being in an open cockpit biplane, looking down at your actual house, and seeing this beautiful county in a whole new light.  For example, I never realized just how close Lake Delavan, Lake Como, and Geneva Lake really are (or at least from way up there)!  All the sights of Walworth County that I know & love were visible from the sky, and it was absolutely breathtaking.  I most likely drove my flying partner mad with all of my pointing and exclaiming – but I don’t care.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Ready for take-off…
Hello down there!!
Pearce Farms – what a great advertising idea!
Yerkes Observatory – one of the great historic places in Walworth County
Touching down on solid ground again
Touching down on solid ground again

For details on how you can fly high with Gypsy Air Tours, visit their website or call them at (608) 215-7896.  Weight restrictions do apply; check their website for all flight information.  Flight rates start at $60 per person, and gift certificates are available. Great for people with a bucket list, passion for flying, or just an adventurous spirit looking to try something new!

NOTE:  If you are reading this blog post on August 22nd or 23rd, Gypsy Air Tours is at the Lake Lawn Airport!  They will be here both Friday & Saturday for bi-plane rides.  Give them a call or stop on by (2375 E. Geneva Street, Delavan)!  You can also check their website for details on when they will be at the Lake Lawn Airport next.


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